For a Limited Time Only: Bitch Infomercial Video Contest!

Hey Bitch fans! Are you tired of not seeing videos that you made yourself on the Bitch website? Well then, have we got an offer for you! Our upcoming subscription drive will feature parodies of some of our favorite infomercials (after all, a subscription to Bitch is only $19.95). But we need your help!

Between today (March 16) and May 15, we’ll be accepting Bitch infomercial videos from YOU! If your video is selected as one of our favorites, we’ll run it on our website during the campaign AND you’ll win a lifetime subscription to Bitch! Act now while supplies last!

I’m sure you’ve all seen your fair share of infomercials, so you know what kinds of videos we’re talking about. The cheesier, louder, and more informative, the better! Feel free to use audience testimonials, real-time demonstrations, person-on-the-street interviews, picture-in-picture technology, and whatever other infomercial techniques you can think of! And don’t be shy with the exclamation points!!!

Information and details:
- Create a two to five-minute infomercial with Bitch magazine as the product (remember, your video should be funny, but it should also sell Bitch subscriptions, so make sure to include info about the magazine)
- Upload your video to youtube and send us the link (we’ll be announcing the winners during our subscription campaign, which starts on May 15)
-A one-year subscription to Bitch is $19.95, but the price will be going up after the campaign. You know what that means, right? Everything must go! A limited time only! Get them while you can! You get the idea.
-Bitch has been providing a feminist response to pop culture since 1996. Not even the Magic Bullet can say that!
-Make sure to include subscription info and details in your video. Subscriptions can be purchased at or by calling 888.21.BITCH
-Feel free to use back issues of Bitch as props in your video. Nothing sells like visuals!
-Send submissions and questions to info[at]

Here are a few videos to get you in the creative mood:

The Tiddy Bear (Apparently this IS real)

The infamous Billy Mays doing Big City Sliders

Kanye West doing a Kanye West infomercial (what else?)

And here is a medley of ten fabulous infomercials (recognize that Tiddy Bear?)

So get to it! We can’t wait to watch to see what all of our creative readers (that’s you!) come up with! And remember, THIS IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY SO ACT NOW!!!

by Kelsey Wallace
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3 Comments Have Been Posted

i'm sorry, this is totally

i'm sorry, this is totally unrelated

but meghan mcain is kicking ass right now! She's smart and speaking her mind without appeasement bs. i'm rapidly becoming a fan.

This one is related

But before I go on-topic I will say that yes, it's nice that Meghan McCain stood up to that annoying Laura Ingraham's swipe at her last week for being "plus size." Good for her. But anyway ...

It was pointed out in the new issue ...

(Spoiler Alert for anyone not having their copy of it yet)

... that distribution is down. Last week I visited one of my favorite bookstores that carried <i>Bitch</i> for a long time. I noticed the new issue was not there and asked a clerk if they got in the new issue yet. The clerk's answer was that they recently discontinued carrying <i>Bitch</i> due to declining sales of the previous few issues (The store I was at once sold out of many an issue of <i>Bitch</i> in the past, so the news came as a surprise to me). Even though I am a subscriber, I like seeing newsstands and bookstores carrying <i>Bitch</i> because it also needs to be seen by those that have limited or no internet interest/access, and/or by those that are often critical of what else is available on the newsstand (<i>Glamour</i>, for one). Newsstand/bookstore presence is a form of promotion. However, given the precarious state of the bookstore/newsstand business overall, that once tried-and-true form of promotion is not much longer standing its test of time.

So ... anyone finding it harder and harder to find a copy of <i>Bitch</i> in their neck of the woods owes it to their smart, savvy selves to invest $19.95 on a subscription.

Good luck with the drive and good luck to the video makers. Get those cameras rolling!! Hopefully the winning video will bring in many a lost newsstand/bookstore shopper!

Say ... will there also be opportunities to take the sub drive to the streets?? The video contest idea is awesome, but I think this outreach should also go beyond the 'net.

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