For Realz?: I Bitched About Hitched Or Ditched


If I were in a same-sex relationship in California and looking to formalize my commitment to my partner, this new show on the CW, Hitched or Ditched, would not be improving my mood right about now. They pick a straight, non-engaged couple and surprise them with an ambush wedding to take place in one week? Srsly? And you won’t let couples who’ve been together for over 20 years and have children together be at each other’s bedsides in the hospital?

Okay, let me just say: this show is appalling. It looks like friends or family volunteer a couple who have had commitment issues and are not currently engaged, ambush them at their home, tell them they’ve scheduled a wedding to take place in one week, and they make up their mind at the altar if they’re going to actually go through with the wedding or not. At the altar!!!

The first episode featured a very attractive but obviously troubled couple, CeLisa and Travis, who have been together for four years but don’t seem to have understood until this show showed up in their lives that every single one of their friends and family hate them together. And yet the law has no problem allowing them to get married – on TV!!! What? This isn’t just something same-sex couples should be upset by – all couples, no matter your orientation or where you are in your relationship can probably agree: what a terrible idea. Who would sign a friend up for this? Who would agree to put their relationship on TV like that?

Let me also just say: OMFG, it’s good TV. CeLisa and Travis spend the rest of the week having horrifying yet can’t tear yourself away type conversations about the various issues they have and with getting married in general (I thought my heart was going to break a little when CeLisa went home to tell her father she was maybe getting married on TV, and the first thing she said to him was “….have you been drinking?”), but yeah – if you needed an example of why marriage is different than a same-sex civil union, or a good example of how getting married is a heterosexist privilege, there you go.

Oh, it’s really good TV, I hate to admit it, but it is. I season passed it on the TiVo.

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HEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!! i've fallen and i can't get married!
crap. this is just another bad seed in the garden of hideous irony.

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