For Realz?: I Dreamed A Dream

Everyone’s already linked to this, but why not us too? Here’s every quiet woman’s perfect revenge fantasy, seemingly-meek Susan Boyle, mocked by the TV audience for her spinsterhood and middle-aged looks, showing up Simon Cowell and all the haters on Britain’s Got Talent with a completely awesomeI Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miz. I know what she’s been dreaming a dream about!

Apparently Boyle is already in talks to sign with Simon Cowell’s record label, whether or not she wins the competition. Nice girls finish first! (Oooh, I love a revenge fantasy! Like Lisa Kudrow says about Pretty Woman in Romy and Michelle, “I get so happy when they let her shop.”)

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greatest revenge ever...

This clip made a few of my friends cry. No joke. How great was it to see Cowell and the others eat crow.
By the way, I had to share this ridiculous post about sexist/racist Asian soap that LUSH is selling. Don't buy it, people...

"ugly" girls finish last

I have a few problems with all the attention this story is getting and here is why:

I think Susan Boyle is awesome. Clearly, she has both heart and talent. Her rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" was beautiful and she really does deserve every ounce of praise she garners for it.

But, that's not where the praise is stemming from. The reason people are so very impressed with her performance is because they didn't expect it and they didn't expect it because of the way Susan looks.

Judging from her interview, Ms. Boyle definitely has elements of the awkward about her if she isn't down-right eccentric. But, because she appeared less than put-together or out-right attractive to most, they went ahead and discounted her. If she had shown up for her audition well-coiffed and made up, her singing would still be that good, but the world wouldn't be tripping all over themselves to prove how much they liked her.

I don't believe this is simply a case of "nice girls" finishing first. She had enough spunk and spark in her interviews and performance to assure me she was confident in herself and her abilities. She also had no problem asserting herself in her "back-stage interview". All the press this woman is receiving is deserved, but not because our world is still so sexist that we feel we have to make up for judging her by her cover.

Amanda, I think that is

Amanda, I think that is exactly the point. As the judges themselves said, it was basically a wake up call. It brought to people's attentions that many of us DO judge based on a person's attractiveness, and that is a challenge to the people who judged her based on her looks to reconsider the assumptions they make about the people they meet. I understand the point you're making, but, and I think I speak for many people, my love for Susan Boyle is based on the fact that I genuinely enjoy her performance and that she was able to disprove our society's ridiculous beauty standards...not because I feel bad for her for being "ugly." (Actually, she's kinda cute, no? I love her quirkiness.)

I didn't mean "ugly" as a reason

No, no. I think she is completely charming as well! Her quirkiness IS endearing. I was simply trying to say that, while the judges call it a "wake up call", I don't believe it has really woken anyone up to reconsidering how they judge based on appearance. Maybe the judges have, but half the "fun" of these shows is presenting us with people who are quirky and off-beat and then mocking their attempts. I'm glad Susan Boyle went against how she was typed and I honestly wish her nothing but good things. I'm simply sad that such an extraordinary talent was probably snubbed much of her life for perceived limitations due to nothing more than a non-normative look or lifestyle.

I cried too

I got tingles and tears and I'd love to hear more of her. And I hate to admit that Simon has a wonderful smile. He should use it more...

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle has an amazingly powerful voice and incredible breathe control. That in itself is surprising enough on an amateur talent show.
Try listening to her singing Cry Me a River on Youtube. Very good indeed.
She doesn't come across as eccentric to me - just unpretentious and natural. She says what she feels without censorship and this is tremendously refreshing.
The reason her appearance is creating comment is that she has not made attempts to cover it up. She actually seems comfortable with how she looks. What a rarity!
"I'm gonna rock that audience!" and she did!

My lighting teacher was

My lighting teacher was actually the one who should us this video of Ms. Boyle's performance, and at 1st I thought this was going to be another William Hung from American Idol and that it was a joke, but then thought no she probably going to end up being really good. I got goose bumps from listening to her sing it was that amazing. This is just proof that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover and that its never too late to follow your dreams.

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