For Realz?: Speidi Swine Flu

281x211.jpgAnd continuing the trend of writing posts about reality shows I don't watch, a big HA HA (in a non-serious way!) to professional frenemy Heidi Montag and her new husband, the unpleasant Spencer Pratt, from The Hills. Heidi and Spencer called Ryan Seacrest in a panic today because guess where they went immediately after their wedding? That's right, MEXICO. Heidi and Spencer tell Seacrest that they're freaking OUT over the swine flu panic, and have been wearing masks and in isolation since they got there -- which is bad for them but good for us because Heidi was in Mexico filming a new music video. That'll kill off any potential pandemic viruses right there!

Swine flu panic -- it does not pay to betray a friend! (yes, yes, I know, Lauren went to the wedding -- but come on, the whole point of being a frenemy is that you go to the wedding. If you didn't go to the wedding, you'd just be an enemy.) Also, please note: no one wants Heidi or Spencer to actually catch swine flu -- just getting a little freaked out but staying healthy is good enough.

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