For Realz?: The Divorcees


OK, Gretchen Bonaduce and Danielle from Real Housewives of NJ are both maybe a little psycho, but can we get a little bit of love for these two plucky divorcees trying to pick themselves up and move on with their lives? No?

OK, I agree both of these ladies are a little crazy -- last night's episode of RHONJ featured a shot of Danielle getting her lips plumped from the inside of her mouth, and Gretchen Bonaduce's Reinventing Bonaduce show (life after Danny Bonaduce) featured her on a date with someone who says "I want to be famous, and the quickest way for me to be famous is to date someone famous" -- but hey, I feel like you don't really see too many reality shows from the point of view of the recently-divorced.

So yeah, maybe Danielle seems extremely oversensitive, and seems to make terrible decisions in all aspects of her life (who's this ridiculous balding 26 year old boyfriend? Does she really tell her kids she's having sex with as many people as she says she is? Why get such a huge house if you aren't getting your child support payments and don't have a job? Etc., etc.) -- and maybe Gretchen Bonaduce seems to have an awful lot of projects going (new boyfriend, playing in a band, starting a jewelry line, dating multiple people, raising kids, raising her media profile, and fighting with Danny Bonaduce, which could be a full time job in and of itself) -- but I do kind of begrudgingly admire their determination to pick themselves up and start a new life for themselves. Good luck, you two crazy (and I do mean crazy) gals!

Also, one last thing: it seemed kind of interesting to me that Dina on RHONJ was like, I used to be a single mom and everyone said horrible things about me, and then I got married to someone really rich and now everyone wants to be my friend -- and now look how they're acting about Danielle! Repeating the cycle of abuse!

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