For Realz?: You're Fired?

celebapp1_0.jpgI don't watch Celebrity Apprentice, but after hearing about last night's episode, I'm wondering if I should start: apparently, the Rivers Melissa and Joan are featured this season, and when Melissa was kicked off under questionable circumstances, Melissa flips out, starts shrieking at the producers, storms out, and starts shouting obscenties at random people. Then Mom Joan storms off, calls Annie Duke a Nazi and a "poker player whore pit viper", threatens to leave the show, and then Ivanka Trump gets called in? Huh?

Since I don't watch this show, I have no idea which women on reality TV trope this is. Is it 1) a woman competitor getting shafted for unfair reasons? 2) women attacking women for no reason? 3) a man setting two (or more) women to fight each other? 4) a mom righteously defending her child? 5) a child going crying to Mommy for no good reason, or 6) Donald Trump sucking? Probably 6, huh?

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I'm sorry to say I missed

I'm sorry to say I missed this episode as well, because I noticed a strange dynamic between Trump, Joan Rivers and Annie Duke. In the hotel episode, Rivers beefs with Annie Duke in ways that seem beyond the situation at hand, and Trump states that he had hoped the men would beat the women because Rivers was the team lead and he "hates Joan Rivers." I have no idea where Melissa fits into this dynamic.
Based on my non-scientific study of the Apprentice over the past couple of years, which I've watched in tandum with my own entrance into the workplace, I'd suggest that Trump values and rewards a very narrow set of traits in people (someone who keeps their head down, gets their work done exactly to Trump's specs, is more or less morally ambigious yet loyal). He, and his organization, are especially negative toward women who don't possess these characteristics. Through the show, Trump demonstrates a profound misunderstanding of diversity in the workplace, seeking "tokens" who embody his values (icy season 1 judge Carolyn and his own daughter) rather than embracing or even utilizing diversity of ideas, styles and cultures.
Short Answer: Donald Trump sucks and I don't understand why anybody wants to work for him, or puts up with his horseshit, especially women.


I watched the episode and I would have to say that 5 is probably the most accurate. The actions of the Rivers' on the show this season has been immature and they have such a codependency on each other that its a little ridiculous.

In the final boardroom in which Melissa got fired, it was her Brande and Annie Duke. He couldn't fire Annie (for reasons I will get into later) and Brande saved herself by saying she could bring in more money than anyone else in the game (and since Trump cares for nothing else other than money, this was what he wanted to hear and it probably true).

Annie Duke is fantastic. She exhibits traits that would normally be attributed to men. She is bold, unapologetic, confident (with an ego too), demanding, and intimidating. She gets stuff done and she gets it done right and isnt afraid to tell people so. Alot of people find her unappealing because of this, though if she were a man (a la Pierce from last season) she would be applauded. Annie Duke has worked very hard to gain the respect from Trump and he cannot fire her because there is nothing he can point to as being "wrong" and the reason he would fire her, (for being a bitch), is the same reason he would keep a man around.

Speaking of Trump, he has actually impressed me a few times this season. I find the represented relationship between him and Ivanka really interesting. Ivanka is an incredibly intelligent woman and it seems as if Trump is always trying to ignore that. When his son Don is on it is apparent that Don is not really into business and it is clear that Trump is pushing him into it and that he is trying to ignore the fact that Ivanka is smarter and better than Don (in business). This season he seems to be coming to terms with this and has praised Ivanka and spoken very proudly of her. Plus, she is much more demanding and vocal that usual.

Also, Trump has made some rather sassy comments about the treatment of women in the workplace and how its a mans world. He's reamed some male contestants when they refuse to let the women speak and has spoken about sexism a few times.

To sum up: Annie Duke rules, the Rivers Two suck and Donald mostly sucks.

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