Frazey Ford's “Done” is an Anthem for Calling it Quits

Canadian singer-songwriter Frazey Ford has a great new video that’s a call to action for everyone who’s fed up with someone in their life.  In the song “Done,” Ford announces that she’s had enough and, with a steady drumbeat behind her, will be calling it quits, thank you very much. In the video, Ford and friends strut around town under disco balls and tree-lined streets, dancing with abandon and scowling at the screen. I love it. As Katie Presley writes for NPR, “Don’t be fooled by the glittery jumpsuit. Frazey Ford is out for blood.” 

On the track, Ford sings:

“I’m sorry that you don’t like your life

 But I fought for my own victories

And for the beauty in my life

My joy, my joy, my joy takes nothin’ from you.” 

I can see this song becoming the musical mantra for all my friends’ future breakups.  Although the video just came out this week, “Done” was released last fall on Ford’s second album, Indian Ocean.  

Frazey Ford is on tour all summer around the United States and Canada—check out her tour dates right here.  

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I think I'm in love. She

I think I'm in love. She rocks those jumpsuits! I want them all!

anti-bullying anthem

This song helped me wake up and stand up to a pervasive, corrosive bullying situation at work. I became the whistleblower instead of the bystander. If you have ever watched an adult bully in action, you will know that every word of these lyrics is true.

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