Friday Updates: A Girl and Her Dog Edition

  • Wendy and LucyWomen are at the helm of two indie releases this week. Kelly Reichardt, director of the marvelous Old Joy, directs Michelle Williams in the drama Wendy and Lucy.The
    film is garnering mixed reviews, but a lot of raves for Williams. The
    film also features a heartbreakingly beautiful dog... Also opening is
    writer-director Susan Montford's While She Was Out,a thriller starring Kim Basinger who takes on a bunch of thugs in the woods.
  • The Golden Globe nominations were announced this week. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is notorious for its WTF-inspiring choices (including In Bruges,
    this time around). And Melissa Leo did get hosed. However, I'm glad
    that they've at least called attention to Sally Hawkins in Mike Leigh's
    Happy-Go-Lucky. (Leigh has made a career out of films about complex, interesting women - he deserves some Bitch kudos for that.)

Other news for the week...

  • Aliens fans, take heart: Sigourney Weaver confirmed that she's been talking with James Cameron about a new Alien film, although this one might focus more on Ripley and less on aliens. Awesome! [MTV Movies Blog]
  • Director Betty Thomas (Dr. Doolittle, The Brady Bunch Movie) has signed on to direct Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel. I'm notoriously adverse to anything Chipmunks-related, so this will really challenge my commitment to seeing films directed by women, even if the film is going to introduce the Chipettes. [Reuters]
  • Marisa Tomei is in talks to star in a comedy called Safety Men, in which she will inexplicably be Jonah Hill's mom. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Finally, if you are still as concerned as I am that J.J. Abrams wil be making a boy's club out of the new Star Trek film, here's at least a little bit of good news: Majel Barrett-Roddenberry will be returning as the voice of the Enterprise computer, a role she's voiced in many of the films and series.  Okay, it's not much, but it's something - and a nice nod to Trek fans. [Variety]
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