Gay Commercials a la infoMania

Love Sarah Haskins’ hilarious critiques of media aimed at women? Check out comparably witty Bryan Safi’s analysis of homosexuality and media in another infoMania segment aptly titled, That’s Gay. In this one, Bryan examines gay and lesbian characters in TV commercials…

Anyone seen any other portrayals of homosexuality in advertising lately?

by Malori Maloney
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I liked this -- it was funny and clever. I will definitely be on the lookout for more Bryan Safi!

Ha! This is something I

Ha! This is something I really ought to start paying more attention to.


ALL of Infomania is really worth checking out. It's a half-hour long (great way to kill time on slow days at work) and a thoughtful and hilarious response to the media. I got into because of Target Women, but I've come to love every segment. It's great stuff.

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