Gay Travel Magazines? What?

New arrival on the B-Word/Bitch doorstep today: Out Traveler : The Standard of Gay Travel. After briefly thumbing through the Fall 2008 issue, it appears (note: strong generalization appearing soon) to be a tool for upper class, white gay males with articles such as "Hawaii's Polysexual Past" or "Art Hotels: Find inspiration among the many shades of gay at these gallery-style sanctuaries." Huh. 

Now, maybe I am falling behind on my own 'gayness' and am about to get the old toaster revoked or getting 'domestically partnered' has made it so I am just another mainstream queer, but when in the heck can I take a vacation without it harkening back to whom I have sex with? Can't we all just vacation together and have a little repect for each other in the process?

Now, I must admit, there are times when my gal and I have been talking about a potential trip and one of us will question if that seems like a place we can go and just be ourselves - can we hold hands walking down the street and feel comfortable, are people going to recite religious scripture should we tell them, no, I don't have a husband, but look, here is my wife! So what I am not questioning is the fact that there are places in this country and this world where traveling with your lover Cindy is going to be a lot different that taking an Olivia Cruise, but rather talking about do-not-miss gay destinations for your to-do list? Not so much.

While it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why the market for this magazine is out there, but really, can't we have something more?? Why are all travel magazines, gay or not, typically geared toward a tiny fraction of the population, when a majoirty of us like to go on trips, or at least dream of taking one someday in the future? And really, Out Travler? Where are the queers, the l's, the b's and the t's? 

Enough, I say.

Ahh...Monday's - gotta love 'em.



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