Gender Blender: Male privilege

Longtime Bitch contributor Jake Anderson-Minshall and Rebecca Nay are co-hosting a new radio show called Gender Blender, which aired this week on KBOO, our local community radio station here in Portland.

The pilot episode explores the issue of male privilege and features perspectives from Portland community members, Rej Joo, Shira Tarrant, editor of Men Speak Out: ¬†Views on Gender, Sex, and Power. (Full disclosure: there’s also a [ridiculously long-winded] quote from me.)

Have a listen…

by Debbie Rasmussen
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exclusive movements

im appreciative that KBOO has created a space for conversations regarding gender identity and programming that is hosted by openly trans folk.

it was clear that many street responses defined male privilege as one-factor, being male.
im glad that you brought up how capitalism and class are often left out of conversations that focus on gender identity (or for that matter, most one-topic discussions stemming from oppression). glad to hear that Shira Tarrant is on a similar page.
it seems impossible to move forward until any movement is able to recognize that capitalism and power is at the root of oppression. any kind of human rights movement/discussion that isnt inclusive of all marginalized communities, while usually leaving out one or more crucial factors such as class, race, sexual identity, gender identity, physical accessibility etc., is destined to be exclusive and destructive.

on a lighter note, im lookin forward to future Gender Blender programing on KBOO. i loved the song that kickstarted the show (shout out to amy ray), but prolly could have done without the background music for yr email reading. happy to hear different voices on such a topic.

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