Getting slimed, in more ways than one

A group of concerned mothers deeming themselves “Twittermoms” created a petition to remove previously decreed Douchebag Chris Brown from the list of Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards nominees. The petition also called for Rihanna’s removal because “had she made the rational decision to accept the no-contact order and end the relationship, she would not be named”. Brown withdrew from the competition himself last week, but Nickelodeon would not remove his name previous to that on their own stating it was up to the kids to decide.

The Twittermoms response to the news was celebratory, obviously, with claims of “We did it!” but some heavy disappointment, as well, due to the fact that Rihanna was still in the running. The problem with Rihanna, apparently, is that she is now rumored to have initiated the entire assault by hitting Brown first, which garnered her a separate petition. Furthermore, she is being subjected to claims that as a celebrity with young fans, she should know of and accept her pedestal as a role model. Somehow, Rihanna is still being held accountable and criticized for going back to Brown, in this case even being punished for it. Clearly what she needs right now is criticism and abandonment for her personal choices and to be vilified in the same manner as her abuser. Clearly.

Reactions to the petition against Brown and Rihanna included claims of hypocrisy on the Twittermoms’ part because of the not-so-upstanding morals of other nominees (namely Michael Phelps for smoking the ganja and past nominee Jamie-Lynn Spears for her teenage pregnancy, among others). Beyond that, Nickelodeon’s bizarre dismissal of accountability was also criticized. CNN anchor Campbell Brown said it best: “Nickelodeon should wake up.”

So what is the most harmful here: Nickelodeon leaving things up to the kids? The call for Rihanna to be a “stronger woman” and punishing her until she does? The pedestal young celebrities are put on to be beacons of morality for kids? Also: where is the line for moral and immoral when it comes to who gets nominated on these award shows?

by Ashley Brittner
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*head go splody*

That Rihanna's geting pilloried from here 'til next year is driving me absolutley round-the-bend crazy. The people who are calling her all kinds of crazy and irresponsible are the same folks that say 'if my partner ever hit me, I'd be out the door straight away'.

News flash: if you're in that kind of relationship, the simple fact is that <i>no, you wouldn't.</i>

And by calling her all shades of insane for continuing the relationship, how will that empower non-famous women in the same kind of situation? It's bad enough when your friends and family pressure you to leave when you're not ready, and give you the 'him or us' ultimatum, but when what feels like all of society is at it?

*scrapes brain matter off keyboard*

Does Rihanna want to be a

Does Rihanna want to be a role model for kids?
and if she does, would she want those children to make the same choices she made?

that's the question

What I was trying to convey is that Rihanna has not exactly been given a choice of whether or not she is a role model, it's sort of been thrust upon her because of her celebrity status. Her personal choices may or may not reflect a "do as I say, not as I do" attitude, but just because she is a certain type of celebrity does not mean she should automatically be deemed a role model. The reason her choices have such weight is because of how visible they are. The same goes for the assault photos of her posted on TMZ. Doubtful that she would have chosen them to be public information and doubtful that she would want to be held to such a high standard in the public eye simply because thousands of people want to be just like her. It creates an expectation of infallibility, which is where we need to realize she's only human, and also take into account the nature of abusive relationships, before we shame her for her personal choices.


Oh, of COURSE! How DARE Nickelodeon leave Rihanna's name on the ballot?!? What kind of ROLE MODEL allows herself to get hit, or worse, HITS FIRST? Doesn't she KNOW she's not supposed to leave her pedestal, ever? How DARE she be HUMAN?!? THAT'S not the kind of "role model" I want for my little Destinee Makaylala Amberrlynn Preshis! gods. I think the "Twitmoms" are trying to outdo Chris Brown in the "Douchebag" category.


Instead of being obsessed with the morality or not of the behaviour of celebrities, maybe people should start focusing on providing help, education, and support to abusees and abusers everywhere? just a thought.

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