Go Back to School with Academic Tim Gunn!

Forget floral prints and puffed shoulders—what you really need to get in the back-to-school spirit is a pep talk from Academic Tim Gunn.

Tim Gunn with text that reads, this fellowship application has wow potential

Since Sir Gunn can’t be everywhere at once (and right now he’s preparing for his upcoming book release, not that I’m counting down or anything), some kind soul on Tumblr is channeling Tim Gunn’s indomitable spirit into academic jargon and adding it to priceless images of His Make-it-Work-iness. Haven’t you always wanted Tim Gunn to help you get an A?

Tim Gunn looking over someone's shoulder. Text reads, I hate two-part titles but they're very now
Academic Tim Gunn: Toward a New Tumblr Fashion Paradigm

As someone who went to grad school and has never missed an episode of Project Runway, I love this. The academic language is spot-on, the Project Runway references are plenty, and the author is right: Tim Gunn would make the BEST outside committee member.

Academic Tim Gunn perfect for all of you who are back at this school this week and need a little inspiration to, dare I say, Make It Work. Or for those of you who need to take a hint:

Tim Gunn yelling into a megaphone. Text reads, You've been here 8 years. Time is up.
When Gunn says go, it’s time to go.

Academic Tim Gunn just launched over the weekend. Check out all of the entries here, and keep your fingers crossed that Tim Gunn, Academic Adviser stays on your committee all term long. You’re bound to graduate with honors!

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I wish Tim Gunn would have

I wish Tim Gunn would have "helped me get an A" when he was the chair of the Parsons Fashion Department while I was a student, instead of spending all his time filming Project Runway and promoting himself. At least he took time out of his busy schedule to sign my transfer papers.

I love it!

I hadn't seen Academic Coach Taylor Tumblr before, but as a huge FNL (and Kyle Chandler) fan, I love it!

Clear eyes, full Tumblr, can't lose.

Has anyone else noticed that

Has anyone else noticed that the past three Project Runway posts have had a comment from someone who "works at Dish" and somehow always manages to mention the "Hopper DVR"? Ridiculous.

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