The Body Electric: Goodnight and Good Luck! The Body Electric Signs Off.

Thomas Page McBee
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Dear Friends:

My time with you has come to an end. From the Man Pad to the G20; from RadioLab to the baby binary; from  the amazing Stu Rasmussen to my (apparently controversial) exploration of transphobia; from interviews with artists to profiles of beautiful tattoos--it's been a fantastic journey. My goal was to look at representations of the body in space, time, and pop culture. I hope you have found our time together as illuminating and exciting as I have.

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It has been a pleasure sharing my wild and wonderful world with you. Thanks to the folks at Bitch for the opportunity, and for the work they do to make this a better place for all of us.

In the meantime, I wish you all good luck on your journey through the space between--the liminal ground that exists within all of us. I also send out a gentle reminder that whatever you encounter out there is only a small part of yourself, refracted and reflected back at you.

My sincere wish is that someday we can look at each other and see more than just differences to be categorized and named. I hope, instead, that we see the depth of possibility and beauty that we all contain.

In peace,


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