Happy Galentine's Day!

Leslie Knope facing the camera. Text on the photo reads Make sure to tell your lady friends how much you appreciate themAll Parks and Rec fans know that February 13 is Galentine’s Day in the fictional town of Pawnee. However, like other fictional-but-fun holidays before it (Festivus, Chrismukkah, Cheeseburger Picnic), Galentine’s Day is worth celebrating in real life—if only for the breakfast.

It’s like Lilith Fair without the angst. Plus frittatas.

A day for “ladies celebrating ladies,” Galentine’s Day is all about friendship. While we have holidays set aside to honor our family members and significant others, we don’t have any official friend holidays (unless Halloween counts, but that’s really just a candy holiday). So why not celebrate your gal (or guy) pals today with some waffles, whipped cream, and hand-embroidered pillows?

Some Internet searching has me delighted to see that lots of people are celebrating Galentine’s Day in their non-TV lives this year. My favorite is the Tumblr user who made “You are a beautiful tropical fish” cards for all her friends. (If you’re worried you’ve missed the boat this year don’t be: It might be too late in the day to invite your friends for brunch, but it’s never too late to have breakfast for dinner.)

Our feelings on Galentine’s Day’s bigger, more popular holiday sibling Valentine’s Day—whether you love it or hate it—are, by default, defined by heteronormative ideas about dating and romance. You’re either for that stuff or against it, but either way you have to think about it if you’re going to participate in the holiday at all, even if you participate by protesting it.

On Galentine’s Day though, your relationship status is not important. The only thing that matters is your ability to be a friend, and to accept labor-intensive gifts like a 5,000-word essay on why you’re awesome.

You are all the best friends, mother, and mail woman a lady could ask for.

Happy Galentine’s Day everyone!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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Or, to be as inclusive as

Or, to be as inclusive as possible, Palentine's Day!~

yeah, but...

I think it's worth recognizing that the conversation at the Galentines day brunch in this episode quickly turned into a round robin Q&A about "who are you dating?" and Ann is treated like an unfortunate ball of misery (when she actually seemed pretty okay being single) and then the entire rest of the episode leslie and co. are trying to hook Ann up with supa losers like it's a better alternative than being single. The episode is even titled "Operation Ann."
I dunno it was just disappointing for me-they were going to let women have their moment celebrating each other regardless of their worthiness as deemed by men! and then... womp womp.

Yes but...

I know what you mean, Lucy, about Leslie hyper-focusing on Ann's dating life in last week's episode. However, I don't think that makes Galentine's Day any less about friendship, I think it just means that since Leslie is happy in her relationship right now she wants the same thing for Ann (Kirthana talks a bit more about that <a href="/post/thursday-night-lights-my-funny-valentine-NBC-recap">in her recap</a>), since Leslie is kind of a steamroller when it comes to, well, everyone around her.

Anyway, I still think Galentine's Day is worth celebrating, single or not. I mean, waffles!


How did I know this would be "What About Teh MENZ?-ed" almost immediately?

Anyway, thanks for posting this! Leslie Knope is a fantastic role model for female friendships.

double sigh

How did I know this would be "How did I know this would be 'What About Teh MENZ?-ed' almost immediately?-ed" almost immediately after it was "what about teh menz?-ed" almost immediately?

Sometimes we can leave the menz out. That is, in fact, okay.

Sometimes it's okay to have something that's just for girls. Especially when you're living in a society made for and largely run by men. For one freakin' day, I could care less about the menz.

Love this! I'm sending to a

Love this! I'm sending to a friend in the UK who I was trying to describe the 'holiday' to.

FYI, Parks & Rec is shooting

FYI, <i>Parks & Rec</i> is shooting on campus at my school today and some amazing person taped a Galentine to Amy Poehler's trailer door.

That is adorable! I'd like to

That is adorable! I'd like to think Amy Poehler would totally love that gesture. I'm jealous you're so close to the shoot!

I don't think this was the

I don't think this was the only episode that featured Galentine's Day...I could be wrong though.

Catching on!

There are some really cute videos on Youtube of different groups of women celebrating Galentines Day. :)

I can't say I would mind it if real life more often imitated Parks and Rec.!

I guess Galls are only from USA

I was looking forward to see the video but apparently only USA Galls have the right to celebrate it. Oh well, off to youtube

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