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There’s been a gaping lady-hole (i.e. lack of coverage of women) on CurrentTV’s infoMania since Sarah Haskins stopped making “Target Women”, but now that lady-hole has been filled by new contributor Erin Gibson with the very similar segment “Modern Lady”! Haskins made the introduction formal by passing down The Golden Tampon to Gibson (which begs the question: why don’t I have a giant golden tampon? Etsy, get on this).

Gibson’s first appearance on the show was last Thursday, and her first “Modern Lady” segment was about moms on reality TV who harbor not-so-secret wishes to pose nude for Playboy.

Gibson also posted an introduction video (“Erin Gibson Preempts Your Burning Questions”) on current.com which invited viewers to ask questions, but instead they mostly left vicious comments about how she’s a “turd in the beautiful punchbowl” that is infoMania, they should give her time to Ben Hoffman instead and “Sarah Haskin [sic] is turning in her grave right now.” (Just to clarify, Sarah Haskins? Not dead.) To be honest, I don’t think Gibson is quite as funny as Haskins in what has been shown so far, but she did just start, her “Modern Lady” segment was good, and dammit, those are some big lady-shoes to fill. I’m also just glad that infoMania has a new segment devoted to the treatment of women in media. Also, Ben Hoffman is like 30% of that show and is not always funny, so we really don’t need more of him. If you enjoyed “Target Women”, check out “Modern Lady” on infoMania.

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Target Women was the best thing about infomania. I only started watching because of that segment and haven't watched since it stopped.

"Hey, modern ladies."

Uh oh. The first words of the sketch tell me I'm in the wrong place. It can't be a good sign that Target Women didn't open with that type of statement. It's only the first segment, so I'm not expecting the phrase to be the standard introduction; nonetheless, given that it is the name of the sketch and was the opening, I felt like I shouldn't be watching.

Also, this seemed more like bashing women on reality TV rather than a critique of the portrayal of women around Mother's day.

"You know who's stupid? Women, especially moms, who want to be in Playboy. Also, beauty pageants are full of bimbos and cheerleaders are skanks. But seriously, only hardcore feminists can be empowered."

Okay, she didn't generalize like that, but that's how her segment came off: not as a sarcastic critique of some aspect of our society aimed at women, but as an opportunity to proclaim that women on reality TV are stupid and not indicative of what real women are like.

The piece reminded me of a few weeks ago when Tina Fey bashed Michelle McGee's looks. "Of course she's a whore, look at her."

I'm still confused: did

I'm still confused: did Sarah Haskins leave InfoMania voluntarily (hence the replacement), or did they can her from the segment and then replace her with someone doing the same thing? If it's the latter, I'm pretty annoyed. If it's the former, then I wish Erin well and think she's doing the best she can in reproducing the same style that we all loved. (Plus, mom strippers? Yeah, I laughed.)

Nobody can replace Sarah Haskins

That being said, I'm at least happy to see some new/replacement feature on women and the media on Infomania and hopefully a little less of Ben Hoffman's inane rants on that soapbox he will probably crush down at some point.

In all, I say give the new kid on the block (pardon the pun) a chance for at least awhile.

Commenting frenzy!

People are definitely commenting away on this face off between the oldie but fantastically goodie Sarah Haskins and the new kid on the InfoMania block Erin Gibson and it's not just coming from current.com. See some of the love here http://www.thedailyfemme.com/femme/2010/05/how-does-infomanias-new-host-... and also look our for Gibson's interview on the Daily Femme so that the Modern Lady herself can giver her own two cents :)

Lets give her a chance

Erin Gibson deserves her chance. So far what she has shown is promising IMO. I really liked the segment about moms and playboy, gosh has it really come that far? The only way to bear this ever more present female reductionism on mass media is with little rays of hope like Erin here. And when rays of hope are that cynical we know times are tough.

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