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Meet Sprint, an adorable (check out those eyebrows!) six-month-old pit bull mix who's looking for love — more specifically, looking for a permanent home in the San Francisco Bay Area. He turned up on Lisa's doorstep recently, and she and her friend Janet are hoping to find him a new family. Could it be your family? Read on for fun facts about this sweet little dude.

• He is very friendly and great with both dogs and adults (he hasn't been around cats or children yet). He's loving and gentle, with a playful (some might say mischievous) side. Likes to cuddle in laps and bat balls around. He'll try to steal scraps off the table, but will just shrug when he can't get away with it.

• Many vets and observers have surmised that he is part lab.

• He's about 30-35 pounds right now, and the informed opinion is that he will grow a bit and be a 40-pounder (small for the breed).

• He's energetic but not hyper. He loves to play and go on walks and he especially loves being around people (and will need some help growing out of displeasure at being left alone).

• He is in the process of getting all his vaccinations.

• He's house-trained (waits at the door when he needs to go out), knows how to sit, and has some basic manners; he learns new commands easily.

• He can be neutered for free through the Oakland SPCA's program for pit bull neutering.

• He has recently survived a nasty bout with parvovirus, which has left him in need of fattening up; the vet has pronounced him virus-free and he has no other known medical issues.

Email sprint [at] delightfullycranky [dot] com if you're interested in adoption; need more information; want to hear the story of Sprint's rescue from the mean streets of Oakland by a dedicated and foolhardy team of one crazy cat lady, one crazy dog lady, and a household of animal rights activists; or want to make a donation to his vet-bill fund (that parvo treatment was expensive, people!).

And even if your home isn't right for Sprint, chances are you know someone — or know someone who knows someone — who would be a perfect human companion for this cutie-pie. Again, we beseech you: Look at those eyebrows!

by Andi Zeisler
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