Once upon a time, I was knee-deep in earnest pitches from young writers, galleys of new books on every topic that could potentially be tagged as "women's issues," and piles of red-ink-stained page proofs. Then I had a baby girl and two weeks later my other girls up and moved shop to Portland, Oregon. Suddenly bereft without my weekly infusions of pop trash courtesy of free subscriptions to InTouch and Us, and with my TV stuffed into a closet (the lazy person's version of babyproofing), I found myself obsessing over a whole new world of cultural flotsam: the absurd marketing of baby gear, the wacky world of parenting magazines, the new crop of websites targeted at hip parents, how to be a feminist parent without being a fun killer, and oh yeah, the cultural anxieties over motherhood

If you find any of the latter compelling, stick around. Who knows, maybe I'll even regale you with a toddler tale or two. Just don't call it a mommyblog, ok?


by Rachel Fudge
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Welcome back!

I look forward to your posts!

If I could just ask you one favor, though... to make a post like this more accessible to people who are using screen readers (people with visual disabilities and others), please separate adjacent links with something like punctuation. Otherwise, there is no pause between the links when they're read aloud. Since links aren't underlined on the page, there's not even a way for people who are looking at it to tell that "hip parents" is two different links unless they mouse over. (And for folks with red-green colorblindness, they may not even know the links are there without the underlines since the colors are red and black and there's nothing in the text that indicates you're providing links.)

I know this would require a little rewriting of this particular post, but maybe it's something the new BITCH blogs can keep in mind?

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to provide more information.

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