“Hipster Sexism": Just as Bad as Regular Old Sexism, or Worse?

As the saying goes, “If you hate hipsters, you probably are one.” This is because, while many of us are familiar with the term (especially if describes us), it is obnoxious and has been used to identify numerous non-trends, from mustaches to homesteading to beer to bellies caused by beer. These things exist whether hipsters claim them or not, and drowning them in irony does nothing to change their nature. More usefully though, hipsterism has also been called out in conjunction with other isms like racism and, in a New York magazine piece from earlier this week, sexism.

hipster with text that reads sexism is okay if it's ironic
Hipster sexist via quickmeme.

Hipster sexism, also known as ironic sexism or liberal sexism, is the notion that if sexism done is tongue-in-cheek it’s okay, even hilarious. As s.e. smith points out at xoJane, this idea is nothing new (read s.e.’s piece if you haven’t already because ou does some important work reminding us why we shouldn’t just claim ideas as our own when someone else thought of them before we did). The concept has resurged this week though, and it’s worth talking about it again. Alissa Quart, the author of the NYMag piece, defines it thusly:

Hipster Sexism consists of the objectification of women but in a manner that uses mockery, quotation marks, and paradox: the stuff you learned about in literature class.

Basically, hipster sexism is when people who should “know better”—progressive people with possible college degrees who are maybe environmentally conscious and probably liberal and might even identify as feminists—are ironically sexist. This includes women posing for the male gaze (but ironically!) in ads, creepy sexual predators continuing to amass cultural capital even though they’re awful, popular tv shows that normalize calling your sister a “skank,” and basically any time someone has sexually harassed you or told you to get back in the kitchen BUT AS A JOKE.

While actually sexist, of course, hipster sexism is different from what Quart defines as “Classic Sexism.” A hipster sexist calls you a bitch and tells you to shut up but in a funny way, while a classic sexist tells you your rape was God’s will without a hint of irony. Both are douchebags, but the hipster sexist is a douchebag in enlightened clothing (see also: the nice guy™, the hipster racist). Hipster sexism hinges on the assumption that “no one thinks this way anymore” and therefore it’s funny, like making a joke about horses and buggies or something. It allows for sexist comments under the guise of being sooo far above them, and it’s a lot harder to call out than non-ironic, old-fashioned sexism. (Ah, those were the days. JK I am being ironic! See?)

Over at the Frisky, Jessica Wakeman argues that this distinction is not important, that sexism is sexism no matter the form. I disagree, and not just because I encounter hipster sexism far more often than the classic variety, though I’d bet many of you do too. Many of us who identify as feminists are far more likely to encounter a hipster in our social/work/dating lives than we are a right-wing anti-feminist, after all.

Attempting to take the sting out of something by couching it in irony is dangerous in its sneakiness and sneaky in its danger. Like claiming that we’re in a post-racial society and therefore your jokes about slavery are uproarious, trashing women because you know better and still find it funny only reinforces the sexism inherent in your “humor.” And worse, as smith points out, hipster sexism “sends a clear message to women in hipster and young liberal communities: Embrace the hipster sexism or find yourself on the outside of the conversation. Don’t challenge sexism when it’s done ‘right,’ and be aware that if you’re sexually assaulted, emotionally harmed or exploited by a beloved of the crowd, you’ll be pilloried for reporting it and challenging it, not supported.”

I hate to be the feminist killjoy the hipster sexists have been LOLing about (okay, not really) but saying sexism is “no big deal” actually IS a big deal. It’s a big deal because we don’t live in a post-feminist society, and this brand of humor does garden-variety, non–fixie-riding misogynists’ work for them, putting women down and keeping them down. It creates an environment where it’s okay to dismiss someone as a slut and to blow her off if she challenges you. Where you can joke that a woman should make you a sandwich knowing that she’ll “get” the joke, but really, underneath it all you kind of do think women should have to make your sandwiches. Where women, regardless of the cut of their jeans, don’t feel safe because they probably aren’t.

Hipsterism, or if you hate the term, “irony” culture, is tricky because it mocks earnestness—and it takes earnestness to call out this bullshit. Checking people on their hipster sexism is designed to be embarrassing, because if these people—the ones shopping at American Apparel and referring to their girlfriends as their bitches (but in a HILARIOUS way)—are too cool to care, what does that make you? A FEMINIST KILLJOY. But it’s okay, embrace it! Non-ironically!

And it’s also okay to make jokes. We need to laugh, people! We just need to find ways to laugh that skewer sexist notions instead of fortifying them. We need to laugh at the sexism, not with the sexists.

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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This is so right on. I think

This is so right on.
I think that modern sexism as expressed by these hipsters is actually more insidious than your right-wing bold sexism. Because they put it in joke form, and because it's in the context of a culture that shuns earnestness, it makes it really really hard to respond to. It has the built-in defense of being a joke! Anyone who takes a joke seriously is *obviously* just up-tight (in their eyes.)
What I think we, as feminists, need to get over is anyone's approval to speak out. Call out these idiots, weather they tell you you can't take a joke or not! My favorite response is always: "Jokes communicate social and cultural messages, they do not exist in a vaccume."
And I'm not advocating a culture where you can't joke about sensitive subjects... This is another sticky part of criticizing this kind of humor... I think some of these guys don't get that there's a way to make humorous light of certain dysfunctional aspects of our culture, without adding to them.

" think some of these guys

" think some of these guys don't get that there's a way to make humorous light of certain dysfunctional aspects of our culture, without adding to them."

No, because of people like you, there really isn't. Maybe you won't be offended if something is put just so, but then your carbon copy who has different pet peeves will be offended.

Do you apply this logic to

Do you apply this logic to racism and LGBT discrimination as well, anon, or just sexism? Might as well joke/talk about racial and sexual minorities the way people did in the forties or fifties, then. Sure, they'll be incredibly hurt and offended, but by your line of thinking someone will always be offended one way or another and apparently this means we have no responsibility to be civil with our fellow humans. How very progressive of you.

She did.

She did apply the same logic specifically to racism in the article.
Does she have to go over everything that we shouldn't joke about, or can she just write about one subject at a time?

She did.

She did apply the same logic specifically to racism in the article.
Does she have to go over everything that we shouldn't joke about, or can she just write about one subject at a time?

Totally argee

Sexism expressed as a joke is the worst kind. It is hard to reply to, and make you look like someone who can not take jokes well. It also gives the person the opportunity to say"it is just a joke, I do not mean that" when it is exactly what they mean and you can not call the person out on their opinion.

"Can't You Take a Joke?"

"Can't You Take a Joke?" is a classic bullies' tactic, shifting the responsibility (and wrongness) from bully to victim.

And smart bullies (and sociopaths) are masters of Plausible Deniability and blame-shifting.

yeah and, your point is?

umm i went to a women's college for a period of time and casual misogyny as we deemed it was pretty much sport. Who ever could sound like a rap song and then get up and go their reprohealth protest or cultural studies class or wherever the hell else liberal hippies go between smoking weed was pretty much the baddest of the bad. Our point Id like to believe and still do to this day is that some people take themselves way to seriously and its effin obnoxious. Whether its the white person who stands up in an ethnic study class to talk about the revolution, who everybody just wants to tell to eff of, or any other super entitled hippy. Like for real, "Damn Hippie Bitches be to uptight sometime." Like for real, but hey- what do I know. Id like to believe more than a bunch of 'complaining white chicks' but eh I could be totes wrong; tounge in cheek, keep it light. Life is WAYYY to short.

entitlement, huh?

don't talk about entitlement when you're basically saying you're entitled to "casual misogyny" because you went to a women's college, reproductive health protests, etc. the fact that you and everyone around you took rap's apparent objectification of women's bodies out of context betrays another level of your entitlement, the extent to which you just ride the tide. just because life is short doesn't mean there isn't time to have convictions. but, of course, that kind of thing scares some people.


my convictions personally lie outside the zone of satirical humor. i'm sure your valiant battle against sexism will be won by telling a woman on the internet that she isn't living her life correctly. right on!

'scuse me ms. privilege pants I can defend my own entitlement

ACTUALLLY, i was mocking the goings on of women's colleges, my 'entitlement' to make fun of women is my ovaries, the same reason, I can talk shit about race, and make everybody uncomfortable, my dues are paid up, society's a bitch and then you die. take your Pamprin and chill yo. Its in group out group status thing to me, hence my white girl down with the revolution example. Youve suffered at the hands of it why not let loose and see what all the fuss is about. Uptight as heck, I'm telling you. Life is to short.


You are a priveleged sociopathic troll and if you had any ovaries to speak of, you'd have at least given a screenname before you took it upon yourself to prove the author of this article right with your flippant drivel. Close this tab and go shop for a new floppy hat at Urban Outfitters so you can tell everyone how you found it at Goodwill.

So awesome. Boudicca, you

So awesome.

Boudicca, you are my hero of the day!

Sociopathic troll? Flippant

Sociopathic troll? Flippant drivel? Floppy hat? Are you serious? This anonymous commenter is being hostile, sure, but that doesn't automatically discredit what she's saying. And yeah, I'm pretty sure this is a woman commenting on the stiffness of white feminism, just not using your particular style of rhetoric. Get past that and engage in the dialogue, rather than just being dismissive and resorting to overly defensive name-calling. Otherwise, you're just a troll, yourself.

"Goodwill" - That's

"Goodwill" - That's hilarious!!!!!

funny though

It was a really good article, unfortunately, i have a funny feeling when the media i'm reading it on is called "bitch media" and it's sell line is ignorance is expensive...bitch is cheap"... i don't want to be fascist...but still...

ooooooh, this is such a good

ooooooh, this is such a good point! I totally agree with this article as well, and have always loved this magazine, but bitch's tagline has always rubbed me the wrong way.

At the same time tho

I think it is meant to reclaim the word, not to make light of it. Though I totally see your point.

thank you

THANK YOU for giving this a name (or, okay, pointing out that NY Mag had). This is something that goes on at my job ALL THE TIME. As a feminist, it's always made me a little uncomfortable, but determined not to look humorless, I've played along, all the while wondering "Since I KNOW they're joking, why do I still feel icky?" Anyway, thanks for giving me permission to be a feminist killjoy. Seriously. Perhaps too earnest, but there it is. <3

Kind of weak

"Where you can joke that a woman should make you a sandwich knowing that she'll "get" the joke, but really, underneath it all you kind of do think women should have to make your sandwiches."

Now that's not really fair.

While I understand that sometimes people can use irony to say things they "don't really mean" but actually maybe do mean, there's a lot more subtlety to irony than you seem to allow for. It is not just a simple smokescreen that allows its user to be cruel and uncaring with impunity. Irony, like sarcasm, can be fun and it can be hurtful. Much like any time language is used, it's all about context. For example, sometimes I joke with my girlfriend about "getting into the kitchen to make my dinner." It is funny because our relationship is not like that, and maybe, in a small way, we're celebrating the health of our relationship by humorously juxtaposing it with a sexist cliche. If I picked up that she didn't think it was funny, I wouldn't say it because she's important to me. But if she laughs, I laugh, and I make her dinner half the time, what's the harm in this?


I totally agree that irony can be both fun and hurtful, Anonymous. Like so many slippery things in pop culture, it's funny sometimes and other times it's just plain sexist. In this post I'm referring to the times when it's just plain sexist, but it sounds like you're describing humor where the butt of the joke is sexism itself and not your girlfriend, which is different (and not terrible).

It's not directly related, but RMJ wrote a post for Bitch a while back that detailed some "Conditions for an Anti-Oppression Joke" that I think gets at the difference between hipster sexism and the type of joking you're talking about: http://bitchmagazine.org/post/televism-how-can-jokes-both-show-and-fight...

Thanks for your comments!

thank you so much!

I was just talking about this yesterday with my husband. He runs an EDM blog called The Get Downnn. We work together on the site, but he controls much of the content. Our disagreement was over a particular artist he sent a correspondent out to cover at a show. The guy has songs called Nympho, and lyrics detailing how he can "have any bitch he wants." His facebook page has a meme saying, "Bitches love lies. So I tell lies to the Bitches." SERIOUSLY? It goes even further than that, but really, that is enough for me.

If all of us don't stand for something, then we are just sitting in the back of classroom not even participating in life. Whether you consider yourself a feminist or not, we ALL have to take part in creating a safe environment for women. Women deserve to have respect, thrive and be encouraged by their society. Men too deserve to be able to actually respect themselves, have meaningful exchanges with other men and women, and not feel like they have to be complete idiots because they are men. Nobody likes this kind of sexism, not really. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Lets start something new, like mutual respect.

Humor is great, but NEVER at the expense of someone else. Do you really want to be that person? Filled with negativity, saying and doing things you would never want your mom to hear/see? Do you think maybe your sexism comes from a place of weakness where you have to lash out at the people you seek to impress? The saying is true, "You don't have to blow out another person's candle to make yours shine brighter."

Yes, kind of...

I agree, but I would be inclined to laugh at the 'get in the kitchen' joke the first few times, and then go, 'erm, but seriously, you don't really believe that, right?'. It's really a matter of how often the joke's repeated. The first time it's funny, the second time, kinda, but by the 3rd, 4th, 5th time without be addressed any other way...then you've got a problem on your hands. I think common sense can tell us when someone's being legit sexist, and when someone is making apt and humorous social commentary. Once you stopped being addressed any other way, once you're ignored or brushed aside because you're a woman, then it's time to call the person out and point out that irony only works when it's occasional and unexpected, not when it's their modus operandi for every interaction they have with a woman. That's not irony, it's just the way they are.

I'm sure that some people

I'm sure that some people will say that I'm lying, but I try to only say and do things that may be offensive around people who I am close enough to that they wont take offense, and in my opinion that's the problem with "hipsters". I think that the world has become too casual, especially with people being able to hide behind anonymity. If you think it's offensive, don't say it. Don't assume that the world is going to get your sense of humor, and if you feel you have to defend your joke, don't say it either. I see how things like this hurt people, from personal and second hand. I've seen casual hipster joking tear people apart, all in the guise of humor. When did sarcasm replace... well everything else. Basically, if your going to make sexist jokes with friends you know wont mind, that's one thing, but don't think you can get away with it. Yes around people you're not close with be stuck up and wound too tight, it's called making a good impression.

This blog missed an important point...

This article seems to assume that irony is always funny, and that hipster irony is irony. It's not. Ever, Has a hipster ever made anyone laugh ever? Or rather, has a hipster ever made anyone who is not a hipster laugh? I submit that they have not. Hipsters aren't a very clever bunch is my first point and basically they're playing with fire when it comes to trying to be humorous with dangerous ideas. Dangerous ideas, like racism and rape and sexism, should only be handled by advanced comedians and humorists. People who are capable of making an actual joke that can't be mistaken for a moral statement... does that make sense? Also, very often irony is used by the unclever to make excuses for poor communication skills. Anyway, my actual point is that the article doesn't touch on the real danger of hispter sexism: the danger of sexist hipsters is that insidious ideas like sexism could run rampant in a cultural species that seems to value duplication as much as hipsters do, and that's when ideas can do serious damage, especially when they're done under the auspices of humor (that isn't funny). Does that make any sense? My penis is thinking it, I'm typing it.

The author of the article

The author of the article clearly underestimated the importance of the proper definition of the words they use.
I'm fine with sexist irony, irony is by definition something that has an apparent meaning and an implied meaning that are opposite. And it's something that requires high communication skills, when people claim irony to make excuses for poor communication it's not irony. It's just evidence that people don't know what they are talking about.
It's when someone tries to be funny with things they mean, like my creepy housemate complaining when I said that I don't like cooking that it was too bad as he hoped I would cook for him, that I'm not happy to hear that. Especially as like with this person it came after a comment on my absence of abilities with housework, and my absence of any interest in developing them, which was about me being a woman so I should like them. His joke implied his evident sexism.
Hipster irony depends on whether it's irony or a bad attempt at being funny, and most importantly as you said how people get it. I'm afraid too that it's playing with fire like you said, if only because someone can take it as humour because you can't be ironic and spreads the idea as acceptable. You really need skills to be able to master delicate topics in a way that makes it clear you are really not promoting that idea on any level.

Spell check please. Lets not

Spell check please. Lets not give the patriarchy (ironically or not ironically) any more fodder. "uo"? "ironiy"? Common.

Gender neutral"ou???" Lol.

Gender neutral"ou???" Lol. Some of these ppl are right, you combative fems really do take yourselves too seriously. Also, I would like to know where you all stand when men are seen more and more as punching bags and comical peices in the media? Don't get me wrong, sexism shouldn't be tolerated, however, the marginalization of males is taking place without so much as a peep from you. Maybe I would take you more seriously had you taken up the torch for all humanity and no cherry picked your gender simply because it was conveniently bestowed upon you at birth. I, myself, champion all causes given they pass any form of bigotry and discrimination.

Articles such as this only show how self-centered, narcissistic, and self-loving as well as overly sensitive modem MAN ( as in mankind) has become. When every single person is burdened wih the "I must save the world" attitude, it does nothing but over burden and over sensitize that individual. Sit back, relax, and quit trying to run everyone's goddamn lives. If some asshole artist feels it necessary to slander women, let the market deem that individual null and innapropriate. If my husband says something's rude to me, I will make sure he knows not to say it again. Learn to relax, worry about yourself and I promise you that you will live more successful and fulfilling lives.

Again, gender neutrality for the word "you????" Awesome, I almost got my feelings hurt in that one. Thanks! Remember, when critizing me, make sure you do so in a civilized and non degrading way, else you might come off as hypocritical;)

P.s when in the world was the word "bitch" ever yours?? Last I checked it was derogatory in all its forms save dogs. That also does absolutely nothing for your cause but to make you look petty and immature. I mean, it's like men wanting to take claim and ownership of the word "asshole." "Bitch"should never be used for anyone or used at all to that matter. It's disgusting no matter who uses it. But what do I know, this was all taught to me from my right leaning, white, conservstive grandpa from the south.

"You're too sensitive."

Guys make purportedly with-it sexist jokes, then if a woman calls bullshit on it, they cry "You're too sensitive! It's just a joke." But this just shows it's the guy who's thin-skinned; he can't handle any critique! Chicks are a tough crowd, son. #hitawoman #thatsawoman

See also "a modest proposal"

See also "a modest proposal" for being racist and cannibalistic and classist. And being ironic doesn't make it ok.

I too have noticed this

I too have noticed this trend, and it's pretty disturbing, but honestly, if you feel that at any point you need to accept being objectified or being insulted whether the comment is sexist or otherwise, you should really examine your choice in friends. Generally speaking, the kinds of hipsters who do this are the douche bags, and they're pretty easy to spot.

Bitch (Magazine), Please!

Bitch (Magazine), Please!

"Hipster Sexism": Just as Bad as Regular Old Sexism, or Worse? |

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Ironic Eco-feminism

Here's a twist on irony! Tie climate collapse to sexism: http://fangedwilds.org/
Slut-shaming leveled at a woman wearing leopard spots? It can invite the riposte, "This is fanged-wilds pattern. You know, the 'ecology of fear.' You really didn't know that?"

speaking of irony

s.e. smith getting credit for pointing out that we need to credit other people when you get activist social and material capital from them when ou's entire internet career is built on recycling other people's ideas and being extra obnoxious about them. women of color have been dealing with this for years.

It's all well and good to be

It's all well and good to be uproarious and righteous about "Hipster sexism" but what about women pulling the same bullshit? I have yet to find a woman that can plumb in a toilet, fix a sink, or perform minor house repairs. "There are men to do that." Is the response I always get when I ask why they don't do it themselves. I don't care one way or the other. Personally, I think genderlines are bullshit, I'm just saying, that if I get asked to do home repair, I shouldn't have to make my own sammich.

I can only suggest that you

I can only suggest that you are not encountering many women who consider themselves especially feminist in that case. And therefore would probably not be all that offended by the subject of the article.

I have never, ever said 'there are men to do that', and hearing other women say it makes me cringe inside. I am as capable of plumbing s toilet, fixing a sink or repairing bits of house as any other person, as is every woman. Some perhaps just haven't given it a try yet!

Outgroup Homogeneity

The handful of women you know aren't representative of all womankind, because one woman doesn't equal all women. I wish people would quit it with the outgroup homogeneity. I live in a very Catholic fishing community where men worked on the boat, sew, did house repairs, gardening, cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, took care of the kids, etc, and so did the women - without question. There isn't enough time in the day to argue about such petty crap. It was my mother and I who renovated our house while my father was away for work. It was my father who sewed buttons onto my jacket and hand crafted my Halloween costume when I was a kid. This idea that you are entitled things from someone of another gender is ridiculous. Almost all of the men and women I know believe in doing things for oneself.

My boyfriend was not raised with the same skillset and only I am capable of doing house repairs AND housework (unless it concerns computers). But he's a much better cook than I am so we teach each other. I very seldom meet modern city dwelling males who know two things about fixing a sink or performing minor house repairs, but because I'm not sexist I don't believe they are representative of all men who exist.

I meant "too similar" Sorry

I meant "too similar" Sorry for my english!

Its okay to be an asshole.

Its okay to be an asshole. Even assholes need to express themselves; and this, of course, is based on - and consistent with - your ralativistic, free-speech, political correctness.

Of course I meant that this

Of course I meant that this article is the original and the other is the imitation. It´s not the first case of plagiarism in that magazine (S-Moda). I posted it here because I think "bichmagazine" should make something about it. S-moda is making money copying others' work, and recently had made it again with and article from Jezebel.com

My feminist friend

She is a really great person and we can talk for hours, but sometimes she throws around jokes that sound misogynistic or racist, but ironically. Its been disappointing cuz i kno she is a hardcore feminist and really up on critical race theory. I dont think she actually believes offensive things about women and people of color.

But she puts women down sooo often, sometimes its like "look at that dumb cheerleader girl" (if they look mainstream) and sometimes its like "look at that dumb hipster girl" (if they look alternative anything). She calls me a faggot sometimes, which would be cool between two queer people, but she only says it when she's ironically teasing me for not being macho.

I brought this stuff up to her recently but i couldnt break it down as well as this article did. She told me that i was being patriarchal by trying to regulate her speech, and called me a killjoy! So I sent this article to her and she was like "oh, i see" and we talked for a long time about all this stuff and it was amazing.

So thank you to the feminist killjoy who wrote this great article. You helped tighten the bond between a couple of feminist killjoys.

I don't really think it's

I don't really think it's fair to assume that if someone makes an ironic joke about sexism that they wouldn't support a women who was raped.


hipsterdom is the new mainstream...


I mean, this article is kind of nul and void to me just because of the fact that it comes from a magazine that's called "bitch".

But wait, anon! Didnt you

But wait, anon! Didnt you know that modern fems are reclaiming the words "bitch" and "slut?" Yep, it's now cool and hip to claim a d take ownership of a completely disgusting and incredibly offensive word. Actually, I, as well as so many out there fail to take these women serious now simply because of that claim.

its sad how modern misogyny

its sad how modern misogyny is becoming "En Vogue" and mainstream. If you even look on an average message board concerning sexism or even non-gender related world issues-any woman with an opinion that other users (usually, but not always, males) find "unappealing" (aka offends their sense of "manhood") is bashed left and right -often rather passionately. it seems as if this misogyny is so intense that it causes the aggressive opposing users to become hypersensitive to all other comments, and many of them will scroll through and monitor the entire comment feed of the blog/webpage and deliberately look for someone to verbally attack. it not only reflects low self-esteem and insecurity-but it also seems to point towards borderline psychosis. many have forgotten that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, no matter how angry it may make some of them.

excuse my French,
but a little BITCH-SLAPPING should certain individuals down a bit. there we go..all better.



While reading this article, I

While reading this article, I heard in my head the voices of several people I've met whose comments have struck me as belittling and misogynistic; not always deliberately. By the end of it, however, I had come up with several other examples of good friends of mine who have made "a woman's place is in the kitchen/ make me a sandwich/ shut up and have babies" jokes, each of which has elicited very varied reactions from me, entirely dependent on the context.

Is it fair to say that intent counts for a lot while making statements like this? Or am I being naive in granting one friend a pass for saying (to me in a two-person conversation) that he'd never let his girlfriend get a job and she'd just have to cook for him and clean house (because I know him and his girlfriend and that it isn't true); while I react angrily to another friend's comments about some girl he knows "behaving like a bitch" because I feel like he truly believes what he says and does not accord women the respect they deserve as people?

If a woman wants to pose for

If a woman wants to pose for the male gaze she has every right to do so.

I know, I know, the author's

I know, I know, the author's views don't necessarily have to jive with the publication itself. Still, reading an excellently-written article on the harmfulness of utilizing negative stereotypes in a funny or ironic way in a feminist-publication called "Bitch" is just.......


On Irony

Even if you're doing something ironically, you're still doing it.

I agree and I think that the

I agree and I think that the title of this website bitch media is a form of hipster sexism. I great object to it

It's super passive

It's super passive aggressive. I don't find it hard to call it out, but then I'm old and I don't give a toss whether hipsters think I'm a bitch.

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