The Onion on “Ladyboy” Halloween Costumes

Happy All Hallow’s Eve Eve! Here is a video from The Onion to get you in the spirit. Warning: It paints a pretty stereotypical portrait of “effeminate” boys, but more than that it parodies parents’ fear that their sons aren’t (gasp!) manly enough:

How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son

Pretty funny, though it would be even funnier if it weren’t actually true for a lot of kids out there who are probably getting shit from their freaked out parents about dressing “normal” on Halloween. That robot costume might be cool, but what would be even cooler is if those parents laid off the homophobia and let their sons dress like ballerinas. Who cares if he pirouettes in front of the neighbors?

So Happy Halloween to all the “feminine” boys out there, and the “masculine” girls, and everyone in between. Dress however you want this year, and rest easy in the knowledge that some day you can move out of your parents’ house and live however you’d like – even if that means dressing like a ballerina.

by Kelsey Wallace
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Don't you love how to be

Don't you love how to be "masculine" you must carry a gun? Yes, real men that know how to solve problems, big manly men that join the army, indeed! Thats what we got to get into children's heads these days, what else? God forbid the be a ballerina- yikes! Nope, best to hand off guns and special uniforms so they can get nice and comftorable in them, until the time they can invade a foreign country and ruin people's lives and cities. Ahem, sorry, typo, i meant, "become real american heros!"

My Son

My son is only 3. He's a cute little boy, not a care in the world. I sometimes wish he knew the meaning of the words "calm down", but for the most part he makes me a happy mama. So imagine my shock when more than once I've had people make homophobic comments about him. HE'S THREE YEARS OLD. He's not gay or effeminate, because he <i>can't</i> be gay or effeminate, he's too young for those sorts of labels to even apply. I wanted to tell the jerk who said "let me teach him to throw a baseball, that will fix him" (meaning make him heterosexual) that he could stick a ball up his butt for all I care; but seeing as he is my landlord, I chose to ignore him instead.

So yes, this video was funny. But I hope people get the point: there really are people out there who treat children like this every single day, and it's horrible. It has to stop, before one more child is told that his value as a person lies in his masculinity instead of in his kindness and creativity.

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