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As 2010 draws to a close, it's the time of year that nonprofits ask for donations. Bitch Media is no different; we need ongoing financial support. Usually, we would ask you to make a gift after telling you why you should support us. However, Bitch Media is lucky. We don't need to tell you why Bitch is important because we can let our supporters tell their own stories. This week, Bitch supporter/subscriber/active community member TheBadassMuppet explains why she ♥s Bitch.

When my first-year college professor recommended Bitch magazine in 2004, I was skeptical. While the colloquial definition of "bitch" can be vague, it was a word which had been used to deflate me a number of times, by everyone from conservative family members to online creeps whose comments I had left unanswered. Still, the magazine attracted me. After all, I considered myself a feminist – the word reminded me of Dorothy Allison, characters played by Julia Stiles, and my ten-year-old indignation at a tennis instructor assuming I couldn't play—but I hadn't known feminist forums still existed, let alone an ongoing feminist publication.

Does it ever.

Bitch covers topics I care about and discusses them at a level I am rarely lucky enough to encounter in my day-to-day life. I appreciate the eloquent essays that appear in the print issues, exposing trends and their implications. As a writer and avid bibliophile, I especially enjoy analysis of the cultures surrounding books, from defiantly confessional authors (1) to Twi-hards (2). Similarly, when it comes to cinema, Bitch moves beyond simple film reviews into plot patterns and their possible agendas. While I noticed an uptick in baby-related movies in 2007, for instance, I was grateful for the piece that explored the telling ways in which several portrayed pregnancy (3). Perhaps best of all, I have yet to see another publication so adept at clarifying ubiquitous media cues, like the implied sexuality of coffee (4). Though there are forums
for some of my individual interests, I find it invaluable to have a magazine that I can count on to pay attention to gender topics and impressive women overlooked by the mainstream.

With the sometimes more casual missives at bitchmedia.org, I have somewhere to turn for an immediate conversation when I'm thrilled or upset by a TV episode or a new ad campaign. I love regularly connecting with people who don't respond to my anger with "It's just a satire," "She should take it as a compliment," or the dreaded "Why are you so PC?" On the other side of the coin, the bloggers and visitors are folks with whom I can share my joy when another public figure comes out in support of LGBTQIA rights, a sitcom character expresses outrage over the pay gap, or a pop star declares the joy of female orgasm. Often, with everything from books I hate to political acts I applaud, my partners in bitchdom will present a counterargument from a fresh perspective, reminding me how diverse contemporary feminism can be, despite some refreshingly similar core beliefs.

If you value Bitch Media as I do, please consider joining me as a donor to ensure more of what we love. After all, Bitch is even more than a "noun, verb, magazine, feminist media organization:" It's a dynamic community to which I am proud and delighted to belong.

Please share the love and post your own story about why you ♥ Bitch in the comments, and support what you love—donate now!

1. "T.M.I.," Art/See
2. "Bite Me! (Or Don't)," Noir
3. "On Film," Singular + Plural
4. "Brewed Awakening," Wired

by Deb Jannerson
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Thank You!!!

YES! Those are many of the reasons I love Bitch! You and the other awesome writers put into words things I've been feeling & thinking but couldn't articulate. And then, you open my mind to new ideas & perspectives in feminism. You & Bitch rock!

Thank YOU, Anon!

Thank YOU, Anon!

A friend in Bitch

A few years ago, I moved from Australia to Toronto. A first I was dreadfully homesick, unemployed, and I missed my friends. When I stumbled across Bitch in a book store, I think it was the Smart issue, it was like the light came on - like having all my friends back and chatting over coffee about the things we loved, and the things we didn't. Now I'm back in Australia, and still hanging out by the mail box for every issue. So thanks, Bitch, for being my friend all these years - here's to many more!

Why I love B*tch Magazine

What's not to love about your magazine? This month you have former NFL Minnesota Viking, former member of the "Purple People Eaters" Rosie Greer! He's singing and doing needlepoint, so cool!There are a hundred or more things I love about B*tch Magazine however, I didn't want to upset awesome columnist Kay Steiger even though her article on "Listicles is right on the money...that's wasted on tying in advertising to lists. Is this what is really what the woman's fashion magazines are trying to do?; along with television "Reality Shows" are doing to our subconscious? Author, founder, and Executive Director of Women in Media and News (WIMN) Jennifer Pozner, explains in her new book, "Reality Bites Back," Where else can you get this type of writing as she is interviewed by another great woman author, Associate Professor Shira Tarrant. It's a great interview and both Jennifer and Shira do a marvelous job on how TV advertiser's tie in their ad's product line to their "Reality Show.
(i.e., America's Top Model to Covergirl Cosmetics and Walmart, American Idol tied into Coke and Ford Motors.)
"Finally, the most alarming piece is those gender stereotyped segments by the B#tch Media team, like "where is my foil (Dove Chocolate) message?" about this month's Dove's attempt to..."package concepts of female happiness, self-esteem and identity..." as Identified in Amazing B@tch Magazine Joanna Widner states in her Wrapper's Delight column. Kudos to all the writers of B*tch!

I don't know what I would do without my B$tch Magazine!

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