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As 2010 draws to a close, it's the time of year that nonprofits ask for donations. Bitch Media is no different; we need ongoing financial support. Usually, we would ask you to make a gift after telling you why you should support us. However, Bitch Media is lucky. We don't need to tell you why Bitch is important because we can let our supporters tell their own stories. This week, Allison Sneider, a member of the Bitch Media Board of Directors and author of Suffragists in an Imperial Age: US Expansion and the Woman Question, 1870-1929 explains why she ♥s Bitch.

Bitch shieldThe first time I came across Bitch, I was looking through magazines in the supermarket. I flipped through it and thought, "This is coming home with me!" As an academic teaching women's history, I am involved in many conversations about feminism. But outside the academy, these conversations seem to disappear. I love that Bitch Media, through the magazine, library, blogs, podcasts, forums and more, brings this conversation outside the walls of academia and to a diverse and growing community. Bitch is a conversation worth having.

I became a Board Member at Bitch Media and support the organization for the same reason—because I very much want Bitch to grow. I like that by being a financial supporter of Bitch Media, I am not just consuming the magazine but fostering the entire organization. Instead of buying a finished product, I am investing in the future of these important conversations.

You can also help keep the conversation growing. This is particularly important to a young generation who must navigate a world which is increasingly influenced by advertising and media. Join me in donating today and help build a sustainable base of support for Bitch Media.

Please share the love and post your own story about why you ♥ Bitch in the comments, and support what you love—donate now!

by Allison Sneider
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