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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

Those of you who spend a fair amount of time on the internet (and I include myself in this group) have hopefully had the good fortune to visit the wonderful world of I Can Has Cheezburger, the ultimate source for LOLz on the world wide webs. (If you haven't been there yet, you should really check it out.)

Anyway, we here at Bitch lovez ourselvez some LOLz, and we thought it would be fun to start a weekly blog feature highlighting LOLz that have a touch of feminist politics to them (and the usual adorable hilarity, of course). We made these ones, but what we really want is for YOU (that's right, we're talking to you) to send us your own feminist LOLz so that we can feature them on the blog each week. Just go to the LOL builder and send your creations to us via the blog tips page. We know you've got some adorable animal pics floating around that are just begging for a feminist caption! Some examples:

Awww, who could resist passing gay marriage legislation after seeing this photo?


And this puppy is just stating what we've all been thinking, isn't she?


Do you think that the person who came up with the "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" slogan ever consulted the fish about it?


Have a great weekend, and send us your LOLz so we can post them here next week!

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Look, I've loved Bitch since I was like 16 but this is totally what the hell. For one, you're about two years behind Gawker's Jezebel and about 3 behind the meme at all. This sounds like bullshit, but I really expect you guys to be ahead of the curve, not way the hell lagging.

It's a time to chill kind of holiday weekend ...

As far as <a href="http://jezebel.com">Jezebel</a> is concerned, there is someone over there who once hated on us (when <i>Bitch</i> had that emergency fund drive last fall), which, interestingly, we actually benefited from. ;-) Sometimes a negative comment/opinion can be a motivator to do something positive in reaction to the negative (as long as your ego doesn't get ahead of you. Trolling is not ever good.).

I think this post is adoreable and appropriate for a ho-hum kind of holiday weekend (It's a washout where I live). <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Can-Has-Cheezburger-LOLcat-Colleckshun/dp/15924040... is a really cool companion book</a> to the <a href="http://icanhazcheezburger.com">website</a> that I recommend for any kitteh/pet lover to give to another kitteh/pet lover on any occasion. (Apologies for the amazon.com link to those who don't care for Amazon.com. I had trouble with the Powells.com search and it's also not available from the LOLMart, oddly) Cute critters rule ... and most are indeed feminist!

I see what you mean...

in that LOLz are not necessarily hard-hitting when it comes to politics, but I think that is exactly why it's fun to make some of our own and put them on the Bitch site. Sure, LOLz may have started a few years ago, but they are still really popular (and cute and fun) and very few of them have anything to do with feminist politics (even if Jezebel has posted feminist versions in the past, which I was unable to find, actually).

So anyway, I apologize if you find the LOLz to be a bit frivolous, but I hope you'll read the rest of the content on our site and realize that the LOLz are just meant to be a fun outlet during the weekends. Lots of our readers have pets, and I thought it might be funny if they could send us pics of them and have a good time with it. Serious feminism can be tiring, after all!

Thanks for your comments, and please keep reading the rest of the content on the site!

It's a guilty pleasure that

It's a guilty pleasure that I have no problem admitting that I enjoy. Viva LOLs!


They're witty as hell and amazing. Once I figured out why the fish needed a bicycle, I laughed my ass off. Let's have fun with it!

too cute too funny

too cute
too funny

i ken luvs LOLz

okay. i might be outing/ousting myself here, but i seem to be missing the gene wherein all animals immediately inspire high pitched gushings BUT...BUT i laughed out loud reading these. thanks for thinking of it. feminist versions preferred.

Why the hate?

This made my crack up. Why do we have to defend this hilarity? It was funny three years, and it's mad funny now. Nice job y'all.

Doh! Walmart! Why must you

Doh! Walmart! Why must you tamper with LOLz?!

We Can Has Laughs?

So I noticed some criticism of this idea in the comments and I thought I would take the opportunity of said criticism's existence to voice an opinion. While I have not always agreed with some Bitch blogger's posts regarding humor (i.e. - humorous portrayals of women in the media and so forth), I really like the whole feminist LOLz thing. It's so neutral! This is the kind of funny that I would think almost everyone can agree on. It's a cute (or bizarre, or bizarrely but humorously terrifying) animal. And a goofy caption, hopefully with a point that the majority of the audience will appreciate. Feminists of all different backgrounds and political stances can enjoy a good LOLz picture. (I'm sure that at some point, someone will post a LOLz that either I or someone else will think is not funny and I will eat my words, but.... hey. It's LOLz.) Yay, Bitch.

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