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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

Hold on to your hats feminizts, because I Can Has Feminizm? is back! I may have let a few LOLz haters get in the way of my providing animal-and-feminism-based laughs these past few weeks, but no more! LOLz are back by popular demand and the first one this weekend comes to us from a Bitch reader and her, well, bitch. Check it out:


How cute! And it’s nice to see that the Consumed Issue is a hit with the canine set.

Our next kitteh is responding to the Grrrl on Film post from earlier this week about Disney’s purchase of Marvel comics and what that might mean for girls who are hoping for a woman superhero to make it to the big screen one of these days:


We’re right there with you, cat friend! Do you think she’s got her paws crossed for a silver screen adaptation of Kitty Pryde or what?

And just in case you forgot that gender norms can affect our animal friends as well as us humans:


Srsly, look at that girl forcing her cat to wear a pink apron! It’s like The Feminine Mystique was never even published or something.

Have a good weekend everyone, and enjoy the LOLz! Don’t forget that you can make your own feminizt LOLz by visiting the I Can Has Cheezburger? LOLbuilder and sending your creations to us here.

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