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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

This season has been unofficially dubbed The Summer of Death, and unfortunately this past week was no exception. As pop culture loving feminists, we are all saddened by the passings of Patrick Swayze, Mary Travers, and Henry Gibson, to name only a few. We all grieve in different ways, to be sure, but a couple of LOL tributez never hurt anybody. In order to ease our collective pain, we bring you the I Can Has Feminizm? R.I.P. Edition.


We’ll miss you, Patrick Swayze. You meant a lot to many young feminizts, this kitteh included.


Magic dragons everywhere are mourning the loss of Mary Travers… Wait! What’s this?!


KANYE BUNNY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!? Leave us alone and let us finish our R.I.P.s already!

Anyway, we’ll miss you, Mary Travers. Sorry for the interruption.


And we’ll miss you and your laughs, Henry Gibson. You always charmed us, and apparently this hyena agrees.

So R.I.P. to all of our fallen pop culture icons from this past week. Here’s hoping that these LOL tributez make their passings a bit easier for us all.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget that you can make your own LOLz at I Can Has Cheezburger? and email them to us here.

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Thanks for the laffs; I love the Swayze one, but I can never think of Patrick Swayze without thinking of the MST3K celebration of Roadhouse. I think that was Crow's favorite movie. ha.

Kelsey, I'm starting to get

I'm starting to get an idea for a muppet show starring you and the kittehz...


The death of Mary Travers will bring the foreseeable reviews. She really had a voice. If you would remember the trio group had split in the 70s, and had several reunion tours, which many spent money to get tickets to see them again, the most recent one canceled for <a rev="vote for" title="Mary Travers Death | Learning From a Wholesome Radical" href="http://personalmoneystore.com/moneyblog/2009/09/17/mary-travers-death/ ">Mary Travers</a> health concerns – may she rest in peace.

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