I Can Has Feminizm?

Sara Reihani
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This comic-loving cat is very disappointed in the poorly-lettered drivel that is Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1. While Young Kim's quality manga-style artwork eliminates a lot of Meyers's interminable descriptive prose, it can't get rid of the book's counter-feminism and general ridiculousness.

Sorry, giant cat. Try something by Murasaki Yamada instead!

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Did anyone else find it

Did anyone else find it annoying how the author of the article repeatedly described manga/manwa framing as unconventional? The Eastern tradition of manga may have been originally inspired by an influx of western comics into Japan in the mid century but they quickly began to develop their own style and format independent of western influence. Eastern Comic style is a respected and fully independent genre of graphic novel not some brand new deviation on the Western "norm". and don't get me started on the "the black and white just serves to make the color more striking!" next he'll be whining about how the lack of glossy pages deprives him of something shiny to look at.

Good point - the Manila

Good point - the Manila Bulletin review does recognize that the framing is manga-style, but then calls it "unconventional", when really the conventionality of it is dependent on the comic style. It's unconventional for <i>Western</i> comic style. However, I think his comment about the sparse use of color was meant as a compliment to (not a criticism of) the book.

it can't get rid of the

it can't get rid of the book's counter-feminism and general ridiculousness.

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