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Is there a better way to spend a summer weekend than by kicking back with a good book? This week’s feminizt LOLz don’t think so!

These two kittehs recommend Sisterhood is Powerful by Robin Morgan. An anthology of writings from the women’s liberation movement, it’s a must-read for any feminist bookworm (bookkitteh?).


When Virgina Woolf said that in order to be creative, women need their own space and their own income, she might not have been talking about these puppehs directly, but they still love A Room of One’s Own.


Yeah, reading about feminist history is fun and all, but some of us like our summer reads a little sexier. This kitteh is enjoying her copy of Betty Dodson’s Sex for One, and she thinks you’d like it too!


As always, thanks to all of everyone who has been sending us hilarious LOLz! Do you have an idea for a feminizt LOL? Make your own by visiting I Can Has Cheezburger and send ‘em to us here. Have a great, book-filled weekend, and happy LOL-ing!

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LOVE feminist lolcats. Thanks so much, and please keep 'em coming!

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