Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Disgust

Today started, like so many others, with criticism of a new American Apparel ad sweeping the feminist blogosphere.


However, what looks like an almost too good to be true piece of proof of Dov Charney's excruciatingly high sleaze-rating turned out to be just that. Too good to be true.

Sadly for those of us trying to get our friends to avoid American Apparel like a pair of plastic leggings, commenters on various blogs started calling out the ad as a fake. It appears like the mock-vertisement is an edited version of a relatively harmless (ignoring the upchuck factor that even a partial photo of Dov in bed inspires) previous ad. But don't delete your anti-AA emails just yet! The quote provided on the mock-vertisement is the real deal.

So what we are left with, at the end of the day, is a smart and biting piece of satire. And a disturbing reality. The fact that this mock-ad has any degree of believability is in of itself evidence of American Apparel and Dov Charney's unacceptable practices. Sure, American Apparel hasn't denied the existence of domestic violence in an advertisement. But their outspoken and notorious founder/CEO has. And their advertising strategy has been almost entirely based on a pseudo-pornographic aesthetic. The mock-vertisement fuses these aspects of the company together into one upsetting, extreme, and, to a certain degree, honest portrayal of an incredibly problematic company.

by Annalee Schafranek
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This is honestly my first

This is honestly my first time ever hearing about Dov Charney and in all honesty I wish I could unlearn all of these horrible things. Good lord, how can someone so disgusting make it so big? Is there any justice in this universe?

Great link, shits pretty

Great link, shits pretty fucking insane.

"Good lord, how can someone

"Good lord, how can someone so disgusting make it so big?"

Perhaps you should ask Lady Gaga.

Shock and Awe Shit

This is generally what the marketing companies try to create when conjuring up a buzz. They want people to be appalled, disgusted, angry, happy, sad. Those emotions cause us to etch a memory of the ills or joys that were evoked in our minds. We are disgusted with the sight and direction of this ad. But yet we are perpetuating the buzz by being blindsided and allowing the Blitzkreig to overtake us with the shock and awe. Moving this sludge around by mouth, net, print, and air. Don't be overtaken by the shock and awe shit. Put your blinders on and act as though you never seen the lightning strike...

I guess...

I see what you mean in terms of the theory that any publicity is good publicity, but I think that it is incredibly important to call out folks on offensive actions (be it advertising or anything else). I think that it is especially important in terms of American Apparel, since they have really promoted this idea of progressive commercialism that makes some folks more forgiving than if they were a Nike-like company.

Putting on our blinders just silences anyone who opposes these kinds of actions and doesn't send a message to American Apparel. I don't think writing a blog post about it makes AA shake in their collective boots, but it does spread the information to other folks who might be otherwise unaware.

Before reading up about this

Before reading up about this Charney guy, my own ignorance led me to believe American Apparel was just pushing the limits to test public reaction, and thus, gain more publicity through word-of-mouth or the like. While the ad above was a fake, the following leads to an actual American Apparel ad I've seen online and it goes to reflect how trashy the company can get.


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