Internet Crush: Kartina Richardson

Time for another Internet Crush, our series highlighting things we love around the web. Up today is film critic/blogger Kartina Richardson.

Looking for a film recommendation? Hoping to make sense of something you just watched? Wondering how Sigmund Freud is connected to Darren Aronofsky? Richardson to the rescue! A great writer/video blogger who can make even the most inaccessible things sound like fun, she injects healthy doses of academia, humor, and race/feminist analysis into every review. Here’s her take on Black Swan (this is where that Freud/Aronofsky example came from):

(transcript can be found here)

In addition to reviewing films for Roger Ebert’s At the Movies, Kartina also blogs at This Moi (her personal site) and Mirror: Motion Picture Commentary. A feature that I particularly enjoy on This Moi is called “Public Beverage Enjoyment.” Behold:

Kartina, an Asian/African woman with black curly hair, drinks from a small espresso cup

Public Beverage Enjoyment is more or less a quiet and solitary activity. In public. With other people around. (There are exceptions to this).

Public Beverage Enjoyment is an activity for the lonely. Those who prefer to contemplate their woes in public with a treat and/or journal. Thus they are distracted from the sorrow of their loneliness and seize on its dramatic potential secretly enjoying its romance. Why deny the lonely small pleasures?

It is in this way that This Moi’s Public Beverage documentation began.

Isn’t she great?

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She is different!

She IS great! And what makes her great is, like mentioned, she "can make even the most inaccessible things sound like fun". She knows how to turn a very dry subject into a most interesting one!

I just came across this and

I just came across this and clicked with excitement, as I am young black woman who cares about film. Are you serious, Bitch Magazine? All I see her on her "blog" are sexually performative somewhat artistic self-portraits. I get enough of that facebook, and the writing and reviews are more like high school. As far as I can tell, this woman's main talent is drinking coffee in a provocative ways and exploiting her sexuality and race. This is basic.

Yay Bitch! Been a big fan of

Yay Bitch! Been a big fan of Mirror and This Moi for a few months now!

@Larena are *you* serious? How can you say you know about movies and then say this is high school writing? Also how is Katrina "exploiting her sexuality and race". That's some second wave feminist nonsense right there.

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