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Tonight, four of us contributors to Michelle Tea's latest anthology, It's So You: 35 Women Write about Personal Expression through Fashion & Style, read at Powell's.

Mary Christmas started the night off with the story of her illustrious career as a young New York fashion model ending with an ill-timed family move to Chicago, where modeling perms for hair salons was considered top of your game.



Up next was Dexter Flowers, who entertained the audience with her story of adolescent mortification at her mother's boyfriend who bought — and endlessly wore — the same green velour stretch pants as her.



I read my piece next, which was an ode to my grandma, who taught me how to dress for myself and have fun while doing it. (There is no photo of me, which is really just as well because I was feeling extra nervous and shy.)

Nicole Georges wrapped up the night. She arrived with overhead projector in tow, opened by belting out a tune from Annie, and went on to share her illustrated self-portraits.


Extra thanks to Mary for organizing this event, Dexter and Nicole for participating, and everyone who came out to listen to our tales. And thanks to the ever-fabulous Michelle Tea for putting the anthology together.


by Debbie Rasmussen
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Yr a Star!

I'm excited to get this book and read your chapter! (maybe the other chapters too...)

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