It's Womens' History Month and the Smithsonian is celebrating!

Above: Herta R. Leng (1903–1997), 1940, by Science Service, Black-and-white photograph, Smithsonian Institution Archives, Acc. 90-105 - Science Service, Records, 1920s-1970s, SIA Acc. 90-105 (SIA2008-5248).

This morning, the Smithsonian Photography Initiative—incidentally, big fans of Bitch—got in touch to let me know that they will be adding to their collection of Women in Science (you may remember that I mentioned it last year) and will be blogging about the images and the women as well. Today is the first entry on their blog 'The Bigger Picture': Publicity, Politics and Physics. Time for a history break from whatever you're doing—enjoy!

by Briar Levit
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Nice picture

Very nice retro photo of woman in work place !

::::le Sigh

"Women's History Month" Well, ain't we just special?! I'm waiting for that blessed day when our history is deemed as important and vast and not separate from the history of the world. There should be no need for a special month since we're 50% of the reason this f*cking place exists. We have to fight to be remembered? Lack of knowledge and education is what is at the heart of my thoughts. We have an obligation to make the truth known. Let's continue to break the boundaries and make our voices an integral piece of history--not just once a year for a month.

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