Jarred brains and Boston chill

Last night's cranberry salsa was delicious, but after four days of party food, we both felt like an infusion of vegetables was in order. So we ate salads, kale soup, and carrot juice for breakfast. 

And I took one last pumpkin photo.

Lisa and the pumpkins

We had some down time this morning, so upon the suggestion of last night's party co-host, we visited the Mutter Museum (also known as the Museum of Medical Oddities). We strolled through rows of skulls, cases of antique catheters and forceps, and jars of preserved hearts, lungs, stomachs, and other body parts. Some of the displays could have used a bit more contextualizing (Um, can someone please explain the Soap Lady?). And some of the liquid preserving said body parts was a truly disturbing shade of yellow (maybe it's time to "freshen up" the preserves?). But still a great experience.

Afterwards, we passed this place. Again, huh?

Medical Center of the Apparel Industries?

After all the jarred brains and such, it was refreshing to be greeted by two live and intact dogs when we met up with one of our longtime supporters.


The weather was still perfect, so we sat outside on her deck and chatted about the upcoming presidential election, Jane Austen, and magazine publishing.

Then it was off to the station to catch our train to Boston. The train was full, and we misgauged which end was the quiet car, so were stuck listening to an extremely loud businessman on what was obviously an extremely important conference call.

We arrived in Boston at 10:30 pm to significantly chillier weather, which was a huge bummer because we'd both left our warmer-wear in New York. Ellen Sugarman, our lovely host, picked us up from the station and brought us back to her home, where she'd offered to put us up for the next three days. Ellen is a genius magazine consultant who's played a huge role in helping Bitch evolve into what it is today. She'd also offered up her house for tomorrow's fundraising house party.

by Debbie Rasmussen
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