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Dear Bitch Supporters,

This fall, we asked for your help and you told us overwhelmingly that Bitch was a worthy investment. In four weeks we received $74,000 in gifts from loyal readers like you. Without your generous support, we would not be here today.

And thanks to you, we are moving forward with renewed purpose and inspiration. As we look to the future, we see clearly that you, our supporters, are the key to sustaining Bitch - the key to us not just surviving but thriving. Because Bitch is nonprofit, noncommercial media, your contributions are what allow us to create content that meets YOUR needs - smart, uncompromising feminist cultural critique.

That’s why we’re asking you to support our work by joining the B-Hive, our sustaining membership program. By contributing a gift of $5 or more monthly - not even the cost of a movie ticket - you will help shape our future by allowing us to budget and plan more efficiently. It’s easy to sign up - simply visit our secure online giving site.

To show our appreciation, we’ll send you a free subscription (or renew your existing one). We’ll also recognize your contribution on our website (and if all goes as planned, send you a special downloadable picture of your “adopted bee”–stay tuned). We’re also looking for ways to make the B-Hive a place where our sustaining “bees” can be more active members of B-Word. More information will come soon, but if you have ideas or suggestions, please email us at b-hive(at)

Please help us reach our goal of getting 500 bees in the B-Hive before the calendar year ends. If 500 of you sign up at the $10/month level, that’s $60,000 in additional funding. That makes all the difference.

Please join today–and equally important, please spread the word.

On behalf of everyone here at B-Word, we look forward to a future where feminist analysis is at the forefront of our cultural dialogue, where B-Word continues to grow and evolve, and where you, our supporters, play a more active role in our work.

As always, the warmest thanks for your loyal support.

We really do love you!

by Debbie Rasmussen
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when are we going to see the new issue?

My small trend

Has sent 20$. It is glad more, yes the finance does not allow. I hope this small contribution will help feministic activity.

I just read this a few moments ago....Wondering about opinions.

I read this blog post on another feminist website called Next Waving that I came upon on Feministe. After reading it I am a little confused. It was posted a while ago in January so I have kind of figured people at Bitch have maybe heard of it already but I just kind of want peoples opinions on it.

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Spamers have gone away!

Spamers - ruin to devils!

this is so good that people

this is so good that people are donating money for this. You definitely have so great readers here.

Become a sustainer!

As a board member, new subscriber, and sustaining donor to Bitch, I can't encourage you enough to include us in your monthly expenses! Consider it your monthly investment in feminism; your long term financial homage to a favorite aunt, mother, sister, daughter, woman, or man. Sometimes we really do need to put our money where our mouth is...

I love bees and I love

I love bees and I love Bitch!

It's always nice to see all

It's always nice to see all your supporters come out and help make a difference.