Judy Chicago!!!!!!!!!

We are thrilled, estatic, honored, and pleased as heck, to announce that artist Judy Chicago, whole ideas and work have shaped the feminist art movement (see an interview with her in our Super Issue), has agreed to be our Honorary Chair for sm[art], our fall art auction. Damn, I have nothing else to say at this point, but that it is pretty sweet. And good news to kick off a 3 day weekend. Hope all of you each get something good like that coming your way. Enjoy the weekend!judy chicago

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THAT IS SO EXCITING!!! what an honor to work with her. i'm thrilled to hear this!

Judy Chicago!?!??!

Wow, Judy Chicago!
I love her!
I just recently did a presentation on her for my art history class, and on our field trip to NY, I got to go see The Dinner Party in person at the Brooklyn Museum
This is amazing!
It's beyond amazing!

I am SO excited!



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