Just one more reason to love Michelle Obama

In her latest bout of kicking ass, Michelle Obama is using her family’s eating habits as a way to hopefully incite healthier, everything-in-moderation eating across the country. While this may not be entirely realistic, considering it is hard for some lower-income families to obtain healthy options like fruits and vegetables, Obama is a fan of community gardens across the country and even soup kitchens that serve only fresh food.

In an article from The New York Times, Obama describes the healthy choices she makes for her family and suggests the accessibility of these types of foods can be increased “by each of us lending a hand”. Yes please.

The visibility of the Obama’s eating habits could be beneficial to people nationwide. There is undoubtedly a fascination with Michelle Obama (and obviously backlash against her and her arm-baring ways), and perhaps more so than many First Ladies in recent past, she is being viewed as a semi-celebrity. The editor of Gourmet Magazine, who was interviewed for the article, says she’d be happy if the White House issued press releases on what the Obama family ate each week, not for its voyeuristic aspects but to lend to their authenticity. She feels this could help inspire healthy eating in children.

Obama also touts the importance of eating in moderation and the sporadic “hankering for fast food”. Could this, paired with those impressive biceps, positively affect women with eating disorders? What do you think about the press release idea? Can seeing what the First Family eats truly affect the way we eat as a nation?

by Ashley Brittner
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lots of <3

I don't know if I could have ever imagined a First Lady advocating community gardens! My love for Michelle Obama just tripled.


The fact that we can describe our president's spouse as "kicking ass" really makes me smile.

I don't know if the way they eat will effect the way America eats, but it can't hurt either. I just wish it was easier and more affordable to have access to healthy food.

Not quite yet

My major problem with this "open kitchen" policy is that it comes on the heels of Michelle saying that Malia was getting fat. This is not the first time I've heard reference to her weight. First of all, she's a growing girl - bodies don't always grow in a uniform way. Second, so what if she WAS getting fat? Is calling her out in public going to help matters (assuming one buys into the idea that fat=bad)? It's hard enough when one family member is singled out in a private arena, but for the entire nation to hear? I can only imagine what that could do to her self esteem.

Yes, this may have some effect on the ways in which people decide to nourish their bodies, assuming they have the resources. But a young girl's weight ought not factor into the equation. Frame it in terms of being healthy (which opens another debate, not least of which are issues of ableism), NOT in terms of being too fat.

If Malia's ass gets any

If Malia's ass gets any fatter it will be duelling asses with Michelle and they will have to widen the White House doors!

The fact that you would say

The fact that you would say this about any child, let alone a perfectly healthy one who also happens to be our president's daughter, is disgusting. Shame on you.

I don't know about issuing press releases ...

Now that the feverish coverage of the Obama family's private lives (i.e., news networks basically stalking the daughters on their first days of school, broadcasting their school's lunch menu, etc.) has slackened a bit, are press releases of everything they eat really a good idea? Yes, having healthy eating habits is a wonderful thing, especially since the last few presidential food trends that spring to mind are choking on pretzels and jogging to McDonald's, but there has to be a way of going about this that doesn't look like an exploitation of the kind of celebrity the Obamas have tried to shield their children from.

This first lady.

marianne jordan Im glad to see The First Lady helping in any way she can. This will make a difference in someones life. She doesn't have to kiss ass to make a difference. The Gop did enough of kissing Bush ass thats why we are in trouble now.They should have kicked his ass instead.

I don't call this 100% win

I am a little concerned that a feminist site would uncritically accept what Barack and Michelle have said about their family's eating habits. Their change to a more "healthful" diet came about because Malia was allegedly "getting chubby." Not only is it, in my mind, horrifically insensitive to broadcast your child's weight fluctuations to the entire world, but the Obamas are clearly conflating health with thinness, which doesn't make them any different from most people in the U.S., but it doesn't make them right. I'm not really sure what you mean about this "positively affecting women with eating disorders?" They just announced to the world that they changed their family's diet because their growing young daughter gained weight. That doesn't sound like it could have a positive effect on anyone's food/body issues.
I absolutely support greater access to nutritious foods for *everyone.* When the Obamas take some real steps to eliminate "food deserts," I'll congratulate them. A press-release about them eating non-processed, all-fresh meals isn't going to do folks any good if they can't afford or have access to the same kinds of foods. I wish people would stop assuming that a) fat people are fat because they're too stupid to know what healthy food is and b) that all fat people are unhealthy in the first place.

Michelle's double standard

"Great guns"? HahHah! Look at the size of her ass in 2010! Vegetable garden? A joke! She eats something called Kobe beef from Japan at $100.00 a pound! Every time she moves her lard it costs taxpayers. How do you like that when you are out of a job?

I'd like to go to Spain with 40 friends for free. Notice they have quit talking about her great "guns" and never show photos of her from the neck down unless someone is in the way of her fat ass.

What a bunch of hippocrates! And the phony so-called media just plays along.

Wake up America, you have been hosed! How is all that free health care working out for you? HA HA HA!!!

This was the only thing she

This was the only thing she attempted to contribute politically. All that for as long as they've been in office and you're throwing praise at her? For what? People have already tried to start anti-obesity campaigns by advocating for healthier school lunches. The campaign was based on the premise that the Obama children have amazing access to healthy food, why shouldn't all children? Those people were crucified for bringing their children into it, yet when they gloat on their children's dietary habits it's supposed to make them amazing parents?

I don't know if any of you realized this by now, but Michelle is far too busy shopping on your dime to give a f*ck about any of you.

All of you want to hate on Hillary, when Hillary got by pursuing an independent political agenda with two assistants. Michelle has well over ten assistants, all of which you're paying for. With that kind of money I expect to see results, not some half-assed attempt at dealing with childhood obesity by flaunting your privileged children.

She may very well be an amazing mom, but a good first lady she is not.

re: Hillary Clinton

We hated on her because we did not want to see another "Clinton Administration" happen. Well, guess what? It did, anyway.

I was a Clinton supporter until the Lewkinsky scandal, and all those other philandering scandals happened that feminists turned a cold shoulder on, because what mattered to them most was that Clinton was pro-choice. Sorry, I am pro-choice myself, but being pro-choice is NO FREE PASS of being a hypocrite. I would have had greater respect for Hillary Clinton had she divorced that philanderer.

Sorry to be so name-calling, but hearing about Bill and Hillary Clinton make my blood boil. Had we had a president Hillary Clinton, all the news would have been about Bill and his latest "affairs," constantly distracting us from the issues that matter. Things would have been even worse, I think. But I am no fan of Obama, either ... we need some serious leadership that is about real societal change, and standing up with firm courage in saying NO to all the special corporate interests and establishments (I live for the day when Grover Nordquist is actually kicked out of his cozy, DC office) that are killing our country and ways of livelihoods and vote for true change!

Please, consider leadership qualifications and firm stances on how humans are being treated in this society in the 2012 elections. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF VOTING FOR A LEADER WHO MAY NOT BE REPRESENTING DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS. Give other parties a chance.

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