Just when I complain about American female comics not wanting to let themselves look silly...

by Briar Levit
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Keep in mind. This is VH1 ...

... where they stage their "celebreality" shows to look like "celeb-unreality" shows (God forbid, did they have to put Gary Busey on there? While Dave Navarro's a nicer guy, I'm tired of seeing him on everything). The promos for all of their shows display the ultimate in silliness. Still ... I think this is a treat compared to "I Love New York" and Brooke Hogan. I am looking forward to this, anyway, and will refrain from further judgement until after I actually watch some episodes.

flippin sweet!

finally an actually interesting and entertaining celebrity gets a show on VH1. hopefully it will be great.

Did Margaret "bitch-slap" you for your last blog?

I have to admit that I think we Amurikuns are usually pretty good at whatever we set our minds to... (Unfortunately, sometimes we choose some pretty fucked up goals). This looks like some pretty good reality tv.

Just based on that clip, Margaret seems to have cranked her message up a notch by putting herself into a context which includes lots of other people for her to bounce it all off of, and takes some of the pressure off of her. I thought it looked really interesting.

I think at her best, Margaret is brilliant and inspired, as a comic, as a social observer / comentator, and as a kind of unapologetic voice from the marginalized... Unfortunately, I think she sometimes sabatages and weakens her own message with repetition, by sometimes overdoing the soap box and the melodrama, by giving the appearance at times that her objective is more to be outrageous or be an icon than to make an actual point.

But when she's good, she's so good that I always come back for more.

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