B-Sides: Karen O Goes Wild


Artsy kids’ film Where the Wild Things Are is doing great at the box office, and the soundtrack, written by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ frontwoman Karen O, is one of the best things about the movie (along with all those big hairy monsters with broken hearts)–and you can listen to the whole thing online!

O says “I guess I got involved because of Spike [Jonze, the director], because I guess there is a childlike innocence about my music or my persona or whatever that he always just kind of dialed into.” And she’s a perfect fit: like the movie, the soundtrack is both raucous and quietly stirring (apropos for recess or for lullabies).

Not all the songs are this sad! Only a couple.

She assembled a kickass indie orchestra to collaborate with, including Bradford Cox of Deerhunter, her Yeah Yeah Yeahs bandmates Nick Zinner and Brian Chase, members of the Dead Weather and Queens of the Stone Age, and an untrained children’s choir. O says it was a lot of fun to make and you can hear it, from the closing yowls of “Heads Up” to the moving piano ballad “Worried Shoes” (written by Daniel Johnston, the only unoriginal O song on the album).

O’s worked with Jonze before, but it’s her first go at writing a soundtrack, and hopefully there’ll be plenty more! Buy the soundtrack at your local independent record store or stream it from Stereogum! RAWR!

by Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

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Love it!

I just listened to the entire soundtrack on stereogum, and I love it! I only wish it were longer.

Before, I actually wasn't super interested in seeing the movie, but I think listening to the music made me want to find some time to go see it.

I love this soundtrack.

I love this soundtrack. Haven't seen the movie yet, was a bit skeptical about turning a 33-page book in to a 90 minute movie. But Karen O's music caught my attention. I think the first Yeah Yeah Yeahs CDEP is one of the best recordings of the last 10 years.

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