Karl Lagerfeld Calls Feminists Ugly -- FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!

News in tired feminist stereotypes has taken a turn for the weird in this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Fashion designer (and future zombie-lookalike contest winner) Karl Lagerfeld is the author of an article wherein he interviews the long-deceased Coco Chanel, playing the part of both the interviewer and subject by channeling Chanel from beyond the grave. (Hey, you were warned about the weirdness.)

At any rate, this might just be another example of extreme (and extremely creepy) fashion industry navel-gazing if it weren’t for a few particularly obnoxious questions/answers by the zombie-esque Lagerfeld and his familiar, the actual zombie Chanel. (Fear not: Though Chanel is in fact answering questions from beyond the grave, there is no evidence yet to support her status as an actual zombie.) An excerpt from the “interview”:

HB: Your clothing liberated women in the 1920s. Are you still a feminist?

CC: I was never a feminist because I was never ugly enough for that.

Puh-leez. Lagerfeld, are you serious? Can we EVER get away from the feminists-are-ugly attack? It looks like some people in the fashion industry are still using this insult even 38 years after they have died! Get over it already! And stop channeling dead people in order to take cheap shots at feminists! Not cool!


U! G! L! Y! Karl Lagerfeld thinks feminists ain’t got no alibi! (Image via Habitually Chic)

At any rate, there’s not too much to say about this wack insult that hasn’t been talked about a million times already. People who feel especially threatened/annoyed by feminism are always going to go for that special jugular that is the looks-based attack. Plus, Lagerfeld is in the fashion industry, an industry that has been built upon fostering insecurities (especially in women) since people started paying thousands of dollars to wear fake birds on their heads. It should come as no surprise, then, that he would use his weirdo channeling exercise to call feminists ugly in the voice of a deceased fashion icon (he also references Botox and tanning in his “interview” so it’s not as if he was avoiding the superficial route).

But what’s a feminist to do here? Ignore it? Write to Harper’s and tell them to knock it off? Only put super-conventionally-hot feminists in feminist media in order to create a P.R. blitz that obliterates the ugly stereotype? (For the record, I don’t think that is a progressive or feminist idea.) It’s all just SO tired and frustrating. GET. OVER. IT. ALREADY. FEMINIST. HATERS. Or are feminists the ones who should get over it?

What do you think?

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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I've noticed that

I've noticed that increasingly, if someone hasn't got a valid argument, they then result to name calling.

Here's my interview with Karl -

'Mr Lagerfeld, would you agree that the fashion industry is inherently misogynistic and that your work and attitude perpetuates this?'

'Uh, well, uh, you - you're ugly!' [sticks out tongue, throws mud and runs away, sulking]

There's nothing a loser

There's nothing a loser hates more than a winner, so I say let the asshole keep hating.

Insults from a crazy man

I think Karl Lagerfeld is actually probably a little bit insane, so we should pretty much just ignore him. He lives his life in a weird super couture bubble that in no way touches down in real life, ever, so what the hell does he know from feminists? Harper's Bazaar is part of the weird bubble, so why did we expect better from them? The fashion world thinks everyone is ugly, except for themselves.

Sure, it's infuriating, but look at the source? I vote let's not spend time or energy that could be used in better ways to justify anything crazy man Lagerfeld has to say with a response.


I actually really like how Bitch magazine spends their time and energy. This article is hilarious and even the slightly insane deserve to get called out when they are a major contributor to a major problem. I do "expect better" from not just Harper's Bazaar or the fashion industry, but from everyone. If Bitch magazine isn't a place for feminists to poke fun at people who insult us, what is?

Thanks, Bitch!

the big fat f-word

I wrote about Lagerfeld's "interview" earlier this week on my blog, as well as how Lady Gaga (can someone please tell me who she is? other than that girl who wears wigs but not pants) denied that she's a feminist a mere sentence after talking about how the treatment she receives is unfair--and attributing it to gender! -- and how icon Germaine Greer called Cheryl Cole "too skinny to be a feminist." I mean, hello? Who, exactly, is this kind of thing helping? Not wormen, that's for sure. http://undecidedthebook.wordpress.com/2009/08/11/so-are-you-a-feminist/

Wishes we could have a rally

Wishes we could have a rally and have all the feminist come to d.c. or something with big banners that say
this is what modern feminists look like. It would be fun and all the haters would be biting their tongues.

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