Keep Bitch in Print: What it All Means

Across the world—on Facebook and Twitter, through our blogs and podcasts, in classrooms, and in our very own lending library—thousands of people engage with Bitch Media. Providing and encouraging a feminist response to pop culture is important work that we intend to carry on for years to come.

The very real danger, however, is that we might not be able to continue to provide a feminist response to pop culture with a printed magazine. So we’re asking you today, and we’ll continue to ask over the next week and a half: Do you want Bitch Media to continue publishing a quarterly magazine?

young girl wearing a bitch t-shirt and tattoo
Think about future generations of Bitch readers!

You’ve heard us talk about rising printing and mailing costs, and most recently, the liquidation of Borders bookstores across the country has dealt a huge blow to the newsstand and publishing industries, and independent magazines like Bitch don’t escape the impact.

We need 1,500 subscriptions ordered by August 8. This campaign is not about staving off a short-term crisis; it’s about the future of Bitch’s oldest, and to many, dearest program. If you want Bitch to stay in print, subscribe, renew, give a gift, or become a sustainer today. We need to hear from you.

by Julie Falk
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Julie Falk has been the Executive Director of Bitch Media since 2009.

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Fuck Yeah!

Subscribing now. I always made a ritual of buying it with a coffee at a bookstore. But if this is what is needed, I'm sure I could just take it out of the mailbox and go to a café. :) Hope you guys keep afloat!

Yes! Subscribe!

Yes! This is exactly what we want people to do! We earn 2 cents on the dollar when you buy from the newsstand, but when you subscribe almost all of the money goes directly to Bitch. If you love to read Bitch, stop buying from the newsstand and subscribe. THANK YOU!

Done and done!

Wow, I had always assumed that because of the mark-up difference between newsstand and mailbox, more was getting to you folks when we bought in-store copies. I guess it's the same in print media as it is in music. More's the pity, but you have my subscription!

Even better yet ...

I joined the B-hive! It's better than just a subscription in my opinion, because it's a commitment of my support to this magazine and project. Us sustainers count, too!

You are correct - in

You are correct - in measuring the benefit that Bitch Media receives, joining the B-Hive is much better. Not only are you receiving the magazine as a membership benefit (and more benefits to come in the Fall!) - and therefore subscribing in a manner, you are also making a tax-deductible donation to the organization above and beyond the cost of the magazine. B-Hive members are the lifeblood of the organization! So not only do you count, you are absolutely necessary for Bitch Media's existence!

You'll notice that in all of the subscription campaign posts, we also mention the B-Hive as a way to support us. Often, folks subscribe first, and then upgrade their support to the B-Hive once they realize what a great feminist media organization we are! So, whatever kind of contribution you are able to make that is meaningful to you - subscription, monthly B-Hive membership support, or a one-time donation - is wonderful for us!

Join the B-Hive as a monthly sustaining donor here:

Just subcribed

Hi, love this mag. Just subcribed and trying to get the word out there to get other people to do the same!

I love the magazine, I think

I love the magazine, I think it provides something no other women's magazine does, and I very much want to see it continue. I worry that these calls for subscribers are becoming increasingly frequent though: I subbed back in Jan or Feb when there was a big subscription drive, and I'm wondering if there will be a crisis in funding every 6 months or so from now on? If so, I wonder if Bitch can be sustained as a print title, although I certainly hope it can.

I'm trying to swing paying for a new subscription a couple of months early, but the international cost is a little high for me. If there was a digital edition for international readers that was the same price of US subscription, I'd be able to pay more easily. (I'm sure that involves added cost too, though.)

I second Diane - Repeated calls for subscribers?

Like Diane, I wonder if there will be a crisis in funding every 6 months or so from now on. Will bitch become like my local NPR/PBS station and do pledge/b-hive drives?

How long is the 1500 subscriptions supposed to last and keep bitch going?

I see you're only really interested

As usual, only really interested in comments about how much they loooovveee the magazine. How about those of us you've alienated and really do think your time is done?

Bitch is not done!

Our culture is in shambles and sexism and misogyny have been an unfortunately integral contributing factor to it. I have been supporting this project for over ten years now and I think it has gotten better, not worse. Had it remained the same since the very first issue had come out (that had only 300 copies printed), it would definitely not have survived as long as it has. I want this to continue and am doing what I can to support it. I know I am not alone here with this thinking.

I do not like how our country and culture (and other countries and cultures) are heading. The sexism and misogyny I see in both non-fiction and fictional media are more hurtful and harmful than helpful and inspiring. One example: I personally know parents whose very young children are already worried about their body images at a time in their lives when they should be focusing on aspiring to be themselves in this world! They are getting these messages from TV the web, and other media they are being exposed to, even under parental supervision.

Bitch is here to say that it is okay for people to be themselves in a world where the corporate industrial-complexes are dictating how society should act and feel at every waking moment of their days. No one should be living their lives according to what the corporate industrial complexes tell them to. It's about resisting these pressures from them. They can sell all they want to sell, it's just that we need the confidence to tell them that we do not need their products to live by.

I realize that this project is not for everyone. I am not here to twist arms and make those that don't like Bitch, or have been disappointed in them in any way, support this. But I am willing to put up the "fight" to ensure that Bitch remains a vital tool in dealing with this culture that's in shambles.

By the way, there have been times when I have been unhappy with an occasional article in the magazine. But that's no excuse for giving up on it. The great thing about this magazine is that it gives me permission to disagree with something that's been said in there. I am not always a "yes" person. Sometimes I have to be a "no" person. Does the corporate industrial complex allow for "NO people?" Unfortunately, they do not.

I am quite confident that we will survive this latest "storm." Good luck!

If Bitch does not meet the

If Bitch does not meet the goal, do I forfeit my $24.95 subscription fee? I'm not really interested in subscribing to a magazine, at a price higher than 4 issues bought in person (may I ask why the sub price is more than purchasing 4 magazines from a newstand? Sort of counterintuitive..), if I may or may not actually receive anything if the mag does not meet its fundraising goal, and may or (more likely) may not get my money back..... My disposable income is extremely limited and I'd like to know if I'm making a donation with no guarantee of services, or if I'm purchasing a subscription. Thanks.

I promise to subscribe

I have been reading your magazine for years, I happened to find it when I was looking for something that was different than your typical women's magazine. It used to be fun to buy it in person but I want to subscribe and support a wonderful magazine that I have grown-up with and I don't want this magazine to end. I was bummed to hear about borders closing and I worry about the future of publishing. I just need to know if you don't reach your goal does that mean there will not be even one more issue?

Two things

First, I'm still not at all happy over the way you handled that YA book list. That's why I dropped my subscription. Is something like that going to happen again? Because that was a huge disappointment to me.

Second, I am willing to resubscribe because I do think the magazine should survive, but I would have to send in a check after I get paid. Will that be enough? Because frankly I'm going through a very bad financial stretch and I literally cannot afford to send in a check if I can't get the money back if the subscription drive doesn't succeed.


No need to worry...

No need to worry! If, in a worst-case scenario, we have to stop printing the magazine, we'll make sure all of our supporters are taken care of. We hope that never happens though!

I'd like to subscribe

I would subscribe to Bitch, but I tried to and got to an error message. I had put my card information in, so I'm not going to try again until I know that I haven't been charged.

60 second glitch

Hi there, we had a 60 second glitch last night, sorry you fell victim to it! The website is working fine now!

Do you ship outside of

Do you ship outside of America...?


<p>Yes we do! just follow the steps in the order process and you'll be asked to input your country. If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to <a href="">contact us</a>; we can assist you more quickly via email and phone then the blog. Thanks for subscribing! :)

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