Lady Frenzy!

Last night Holocene hosted a benefit show for Portland's Reading Frenzy, one of many fledgling independent bookstores nationwide. Portland is an amazing place full of artists willing to help each other out in rough times, and last night's bill was a perfect example. Read more after the jump! Locals like Explode Into Colors, the amazing Mirah, who helped Bitch out in January at our benefit at the Crystal Ballroom, and Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker performed. Carrie Brownstein, also of Sleater-Kinney, screened three video shorts from her ThunderAnt series with the fabulous Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live. What was the most thrilling about the evening, despite the long list of inspiring artists mentioned above, was the even more inspiring "let's help each other out" community effort displayed. While money is tight everywhere, we must remember to keep places like Reading Frenzy in mind if we are able to give. Here are some shots from the event.



Corin Tucker

by Ashley Brittner
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