Brony Love: Lauren Faust, Creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Live from Bronycon!

“Everypony, without further ado we’d like to introduce the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Lauren Faust!”

4,000 fans leap from their chairs. The predominantly male crowd claps and whistles and screams Faust’s name, the auditorium echoing with their cheers.

When Lauren Faust developed the idea for a new iteration of Hasbro’s animated show My Little Pony, the last place she thought it would land her was here, on a stage in front of thousands of screaming men. She surveys the audience at Meadowlands Expo Center and covers her face, overwhelmed by the fans’ joy and adoration.

Bronies—bros who love My Little Pony—have flocked to New York from around the country and the world to attend Bronycon, their semiannual convention.

a crowd waiting to get into Bronycon
Attendees enter the Expo Center for Bronycon

The last convention, held in January, drew 800 fans. But when Faust was announced as keynote speaker, RSVPs for the June 30–July 1 event skyrocketed. Attendance was capped at 4,000, with another 3,500 bronies watching the live stream online.

“I wanted a respectable show for girls,” Faust explains. “Saying something is ‘for girls’ or ‘girly’ is usually equated with being not worthwhile, being stupid.” She wanted to change that, but she never expected she’d be so successful.

“I never dreamed adult men would be into the show,” she tells the crowd, “because I didn’t have any faith that you’d give it a try. Now I know better. It gives me the courage to continue.”

The crowd is on its feet again. This time they chant, “You were right! You were right!” Once again, Faust covers her face—this time to wipe away tears.

The next day at 9 am, a line of bronies snakes around her table. One brony is dressed as Prince Shining Armor in a red jacket with blue hair; another has donned a full-body suit of red for his favorite character, Big Mac.

a male fan dressed as a pony talks to Lauren Faustanother male fan dressed as a different pony talks to Lauren Faust
Left: A brony dressed as Big Mac shows off a plushy—a custom-designed stuffed pony. Right: A brony dressed as Prince Shining Armor.

What does Lauren Faust think of these unusual fans? “I think it’s awesome!” she enthuses. The fact that bronies are comfortable enough in their sexuality—whatever it may be—and brave enough to express their fascination with a show for girls is inspiring, Faust adds. “I hope that they inspire other people to open their minds as well.” She’d like to think they’re paving the way for other men to express their interest in “girly” things.

“Up until now,” she continues, “they’ve had to hide that or pretend that they don’t like it or shove it down inside themselves. Now, because of the brony community, they can express it.” Many bronies are encouraged to be open about their fandom because of the online community, she explains. “And I think it’s bringing more people in because they feel free to be themselves.” 

Not everyone is as accepting as Faust of the brony movement. “People are so uncomfortable with bronies because they think no self-respecting man would lower himself to be interested in girl things unless he’s perverted,” says Faust. Being girly is the ultimate insult, and it’s unfair to both men and girls.

It’s obvious that the bronies worship her, but it’s difficult for Faust to know what role she plays for her fans. “It’s kinda up to them,” she says. Although she created the show, she no longer works on it. “I’m still trying to figure out what my role is here and how I’m supposed to contribute moving forward.”

Purple Tinker, the founder of Bronycon, is emphatic about Faust’s importance in the brony community. “She is a mother figure to bronies,” she says simply. “She always will be. Everypony in the community loves Lauren.”

Faust signed up for Twitter before arriving at Bronycon, and in 24 hours she’d amassed 10,000 followers. “I’ve got an audience already, and that’s exciting,” she says. “Hopefully they like what I do in the future as well.”

To see My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic resound with so many fans of so many stripes gives her courage.

“My whole career has always been about wanting to make great entertainment for girls, and it is hard. It is really, really, really hard. Frankly, nobody has the guts to try to put on all-girl programming.”

When pitching future shows for girls, she says, she can point to My Little Pony’s cross-market success. “Now I can say, I know this makes you feel uncomfortable, but look at what happened here.”

She hopes that the growth of the brony fandom signals wider acceptance of breaking gender barriers. “It breaks my heart that the word ‘girly’ is synonymous with ‘stupid,’” she says candidly. “I want so badly for that to change. If this is a start in the direction of maybe changing that, or at least making that better, I can die happy.”

Photos by Melody Wilson

by Melody Wilson
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The one thing that annoys me

The one thing that annoys me about the whole thing as it comes off very "well, the menz like it, so it's cool". If there weren't a huge male following, would we still give a damn?

You kind of answered your own

You kind of answered your own question there... Because a show "for girls" has such a huge male following is exactly why people see it as a deal at all... If you don't like the fact that a bunch of unconventional geeks are being recognized for being unconventional geeks, that's your outlook. As a brony myself, I think it's awesome, but obviously people who aren't a part of it probably aren't going to give a damn...

This is a excellent question

I would say it wouldn't get as much media coverage, because the media's only angle on Bronies is "Men who watch My Little Pony!!!!" It's total pageview bait.

But hypothetically let's say you made Bronies 90% women, with almost everything the same (running jokes, memes, cosplay, parodies, video games, etc)

Would it be any less cool?

No, in fact it would be considered cooler because there is such a lower expectation of women in terms of creativity when it comes to internet meme-ish stuff than it is for men. It would get zero attention from the mainstream media but in terms of internet street cred Bronies would be considered even cooler if it was all-women.


Why was it a big deal that Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus?

It's a big deal because people now have an example of how things -should- be. Good writing and good storytelling are ageless, genderless, and raceless. It's a big deal because up until now, people had bought into the idea that it WASN'T any of the above. It's a big deal because the very ethos of the show (stand by your friends, treating others well is important, it's okay to not be perfect) is the dead opposite of the smug, insulting cynicism that dominates Western society and the Internet today.

"Friendship is Magic" is a small part of the cure. But dammit, it's a START.

Not just "smug insulting

Not just "smug insulting cynicism" but Nihilistic and Proud of It. Don't forget the curled upper lip and Appropriate Ironic Quip of the Seinfeld Sneer.

A lot of MLP:FIM's all-ages appeal is timing. Literally the right show telling the right stories at the right time. As was two other fandoms which took off into phenomena of their own:

1) Star Trek ("JIM! SPOCK! BONES!") hit the airwaves in 1966, four years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, when Everybody KNEW (and if not, were constantly reminded) of the 1000% chance of Total Human Extinction before the year 2000 from the Inevitable Global Thermonuclear War. And Star Trek showed us a future where instead of blowing ourselves up (as was Inevitable), we were sailing the stars, Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before.

2) Star Wars (the original movie) hit the theatres in 1977, at the peak of Post-VIETNAAAAAM Angst, when the Important Message Movies were cynical pessimism like The French Connection -- everyone corrupt, everyone on the take, why fight it? And into that period of cynicism came a slam-bang space opera with Good Guys and Bad Guys and the Good Guys ACTUALLY WON!

3) And today we once again have no future -- if Mayan Calendar 2012 doesn't End the World, Global Warming WILL. And our culture's default religion has joined the No Future-No Hope bandwagon, preaching Rapture Any Minute Now and Don't Be Left Behind (TM) -- apparently all even God can do is beam up his Pets and blow everything up. Second Great Depression, things spiraling out-of-control, and nothing but Smug Insulting Cynicism, Grinning Nihilism, and a Cult of Ugliness. Don't forget your Appropriate Ironic Quip as you leap into the grave with the rest of the world. And into this dark and cynical time without a future gallop six brightly-colored ponies from a magical land called Equestria, bringing beauty and (more important) HOPE.

Well said

It is well said. Walt disney once said "you're dead if you aim for just children. Adults are just children grown up anyway." This show's use of comedic timing and good writing appeals to poeple of all ages and genders.

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Hello there! This is kind of off topic but I need
some advice from an established blog. Is it very difficult to set up your own blog?
I'm not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I'm thinking about making my own but I'm not sure where to start. Do you have any points or suggestions? Thanks

Gender roles aren't the problem with My Little Pony fans

I'm perfectly comfortable with people watching whatever shows they want, whether their gender conforms to the targeted demographic or not. That's not my issue with My Little Pony fans. My issue is that bronies, despite their favourite show being all about tolerance and acceptance, are for the most part pretty intolerant of the younger fans of the show. They post fanfiction and mature art on fan sites that are accessible to young people, and are extremely defensive of their right to do so. Gender roles don't come into it, you shouldn't be showing porn to kids.

I can't believe I even have

I can't believe I even have to say this, but if kids are looking at My Little Pony porn, then there's a notable lack of parental supervision. There's porn all over the internet, and if there's fans of something then there's going to be porn of it, period. It's absolutely not the fandom's fault if kids are seeing adult material... People need to look after their damn kids...

MLP Porn, thats bad

kids who search up MLPFIM Porn (That's inappropriate because kids SHOULDN'T even KNOW what PORN is!) and like the show, just like one of the messages said that's not fandom, not to mention that people shouldn't even make porn of the show...(Or any show period!) because MLP FANS like the show... BUT so called "MLP FANS" make porn of the show! Just think on how much bronys are probably offended because of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic PORN is on the internet. I mean jeez im a fan of MLPFIM that's why im making such a big deal out of this. If you are reading this still (yeah. I know, im just real upset to know there is MLPFIM Porn on the internet. >:( ) please stop making MLPFIM porn. ( If you make MLPFIM Porn.) yours truly, Bronyrules.

Internet is not safe for kids

Well, if you give your kid access to the internet yu give your kid access to all the porn out there, it is too bad that not all parents are aware of it. You should never let your kid surf alone on the internet, there is almost no place in internet that is 100% safe from mature content.

This applies to everything on the internet and My Little Pony fandom is no exception.

I personaly see this show more as a child-friendly family show, just like The Simpsons or Futurama and those shows have mature content in thair fanbases as well, just like any other popular show. So it dosnt realy have anything to do with The Bronies, it is just how The Internet works.

I see you missed the memo.

I see you missed the memo. the show isn't about love an tolerance. that's a cheap, and inaccurate catch phrase someone made up because they didn't know how to explain the fandom. this article should shed some light on your concerns and notions about bronys and what they do and are supposed to be doing.
and an adult fandom is going to bring in an adult angle. and the community polices itself and keeps that work in its own designated area. if your children are finding pony porn, then they are looking for it, and you need to do something about your lack of parenting in their life.

This is one very bad article

This is one very bad article by totaly clueless person, i would not recommend to waste any time on it. There is lots of controversy going on about this show message, people try to explain why its fanbase is so big, but the truth is, it is simply because its a good show, on the creativity level it can compete with futurama, but at same time it is a girly show so this is hard for people to see a girl based show that dosnt suck, it is way to unusual for them.

Really? Wonder if we read the

Really? Wonder if we read the same article here. "Love and tolerate" is a catchphrase that people say without really thinking about what it would mean, and it was invented by the fandom. The show isn't about "loving and tolerating" people, it's about helping people improve, and it's a lot more complicated than two trite words. That's why it has people so confused, I think.

But hey, you just got me to read all that other stuff, and it's actually pretty good, so... keep fighting the good fight, I guess. Like this one here:

I am not reading any more

I am not reading any more articles from this troll, i still feel bad for the time i wasted on his previous article.

Come on guys, let's take it down a notch

Different people have different definitions of tolerance.

To those who believe true tolerance is allowing all behaviors and never saying that someone is doing something wrong or that something could be better are right in that the phrase "Love and Tolerance" is terribly inaccurate in describing the show.

I personally believe that that definition, however, is entirely incorrect. I think tolerance is about tolerating differences in people, not behaviors. So I don't care if you're black, white, gay, straight, male, female, whatever. I don't care if you like ponies or hate them. I love and tolerate YOU for being a human being.

However, if you're straight, and you're going to go around and tell gay people that they're wrong for being gay, I will not tolerate that behavior and calmly call you out on it. Tolerance does not imply tolerance of abusive and counterproductive behaviors to me, at least in this context.

Going along with my definition of tolerance, though, if I'm following the brony mantra of "Love and Tolerance", I have no problem if some people have a different definition of tolerance than mine, but I'll step in if there's intolerance And I see that you're both engaging in behavior counterproductive to society here: arguing over something that ultimately is of no real consequence.

Can't we just agree to disagree on the semantics, with some of us going off and practicing our version of tolerance and others avoiding their version?

"different definitions of tolerance."

That's the whole thing about the article: it doesn't allow different definitions of "tolerance". It doesn't tolerate our tolerance, if you'd like to make it pun-tastic.

[[ Surely you know that to "tolerate" something is to approve of it unconditionally. ]]
And that this is NOT the case is what's being 'proven' in the article.

No thought whatsoever is given that tolerate could mean anything else like "allow shit", which is exactly what they do.
He quotes Gilda as a prime example of "not approving unconditionally"; they don't, they tolerate it. Applejack and Rarity had a whole episode about how, even though they didn't like stuff about eachother, they should just get along. If that's not a definition of tolerance I don't know what is.

It even misinterprets the mantra, it doesn't mean "love and tolerate everything", it means lit. "everything is {loved} and {tolerated}" or a bit more understandable: "you should tolerate what you don't like". Yet even 'deciphering' the mantra is too complicated.

tl;dr: Article is definitely trolling. Or at least stupid.

Regarding your earlier point,

Regarding your earlier point, I do not like the porn or sexualization of the show, neither do the group of people who write for that website (The Round Stable) and they are seen by other parts of the community as 'weird' for not liking shipping or porn.

Sure, people can like it or whatever but be somewhat private about it. Sadly it's very easy to come across adult content regarding ponies when you google for the show. The largest fansite (equestria daily) has poor content control and often links to other places which openly show porn and similar content. Sadly they are the 'voice' of the fandom...

I agree that the internet

I agree that the internet isn't a safe place for kids, but it's completely naive of people to think think their kids are going to be supervised 100% of the time they're using it. It's also naive to assume that there isn't going to be any spillage from these designated-adult areas. If you run a google image search of any of the character names without safesearch (or try Yahoo images, it's way worse) porn will pop up by the second or third page of results. Try it with a show meant for a similar demographic, and the results aren't anywhere near as bad. Kids at school don't have a parent or guardian looming over their shoulder for the entirety of their time on the computer, so who's to say they won't see something they're not supposed to?

The bronies that I've encountered with this issue, for the most part have been extremely entitled and childish. They act like the fandom and communities aren't *there* for the younger, target demographic, and get belligerent and pissy when you ask them to tone it down for the sake of younger present company. It reminds me of the costume contests bookstores would hold for Harry Potter fans on book release night, and when the kids inevitably won and got to open the first box of books, the older fans would whine and moan because the costume they absolutely toiled over didn't win.

I guess I just wish it wasn't too much to ask for people to have a little personal responsibility and decency on the internet. I'm kind of wondering now what age a child should be permitted to go unsupervised on a computer, and if, at that age, it's appropriate for them to be subjected to that type of thing.

> "personal responsibility

> "personal responsibility and decency on the internet"

*Ahem* Sorry.

You can't protect kids. From anything. They're going to be exposed to things their parents don't want them to be exposed to at some point in their lives. Accidentally stumbling onto sexual content is probably a lot less traumatizing to a kid than their parents fighting, or being bullied at school, for instance... People, and parents especially, are so damn prude today. If Nickelodeon tried throwing a show like Rocko's Modern Life or Ren & Stimpy on television today, parents would absolutely flip their shit... No wonder kids are so screwed up these days, with their overprotective parents and all the medications they're put on for bogus-ass "disorders" and things like that, it's ridiculous and sad and makes me concerned for the future of our society...

Let's leave the porn out of this

Look, I get that pornography is a part of (some aspects of) the Brony community, but this post is about Lauren Faust, Bronycon, and gender norms in pop culture. Please stay on topic—there are plenty of places to debate the accessibility of porn elsewhere.


Really Kelsey?I have to

Really Kelsey?I have to disagree, the MAIN reason these guys like this show and are such huge fans is because THEY GET OFF TO IT. So I have a hard time seeing how pornography is off topic. This is classic deviant sexual behavior and it leads to worse habits like pedophilia and beastiality. Its almost like saying we should have tolerance and acceptance for rape. I see nothing wrong with people enjoying things which are outside of gender norms - but the problem with bronies is they are mislead into thinking that childlike behavior and innocence is sexual, creating a much more distorted view of what it is they are actually sexually attracted to. PLUS as I write this, there are ads for "adult sex toys" and "audio smut" on the right of this web page. Please dont lie about this NOT being about adult issues created in the context of a children's show (regardless if it is intended for males or females). I for one would really like to know what the creator thinks of these people turning the characters into sexual fantasies and how that sits with her.

What a load of horsecrap

<p>Sure there might be some folks who are sexually into ponies, but even so, this doesn't mean they are going to branch into pedophilia. Your entire premise is so flawed as to be laughable. You say the MAIN reason that guys are into the show is sexual attraction. So I ask you with 100% sincerity: ARE YOU A TROLL OR AN IDIOT? </p><p>

Okay, I need you to do me a favor. Imagine the following sentence in 10 mile high bright red letters and being shouted through a megaphone set at 500 decibels, since it is obviously necessary in your case :


</strong></p><p>Was that clear enough for you?

</p><p>Also, for the record, Lauren does know about the Rule 34 stuff. She isn't comfortable with it, but also realizes this is only a minor part of the fanbase and that this sort of thing is true of any fandom.</p>

There are sites out there

There are sites out there that push back against the mature content, but they are few and far between. The host of that article appears to be one of them, they say right in their about page. Their image board is also kid-safe too. So maybe there is hope.

Unfortunately, the immature behavior of entitled adults is not exclusive to ponies; your example of the Potter fans is one I saw happen in other places too. There's a lot of bad stuff out there for Adventure Time, which bums me out, because it's a great show for kids of the same age. If these people really were fans of the show, they'd know that the best thing they could do is watch it together with, say, their sons or daughters, or nieces and nephews, and make sure they take in the lessons. I've watched MLP with my niece and I'm happy she has it; it's a lot better than the shows I watched when I was a kid.


"If you run a google image search of any of the character names without safesearch"
Well there's your first problem right there.

"Kids at school don't have a parent or guardian looming over their shoulder for the entirety of their time on the computer, so who's to say they won't see something they're not supposed to?"
Most school computers are so heavily firewalled as to be useless. Can't even access youtube.

"The bronies that I've encountered with this issue, for the most part have been extremely entitled and childish. They act like the fandom and communities aren't *there* for the younger, target demographic"
That's because they aren't. The brony fansites are made for the brony community. It's not supposed to cater to little children, it's primarily guys in their 20's. It's not like people are spamming gore and porn on official Hasbro pages. Also, entitled and childish? You're the one demanding that everyone else on the internet change what they produce and post in their own private boards and forums because someone's kids might wander in where they're not supposed to. Do you have any idea how entitled/crazy that sounds? It's like kicking open someone's bedroom door to berate them for not cleaning the place up nicer for company.

Yeah, but even with

Yeah, but even with safesearch on, you can still find the stuff that slips through the cracks, and that's where the issue lies, in my opinion. There's just /so much/ of the porn that the Brony fandom creates. They leave it untagged in /public spaces/, rather than their private forums, breaking the rules of some of the sites that they post their stuff on. It's fine for them to make stuff and share it with each other, but when you just throw it onto some old image sharing site, it can go anywhere.
Several people, like myself no occasion, go through google images for a couple pages and report any remotely inappropriate images that still show up with safesearch on.

I do, however, completely agree with your statement about the elementary computers. The teacher sits at the back of the room with view of /every screen/ and nowadays they can even see different screens on their computer. My youngest sibling cant even play a game at school without being caught, there's no way they could find mlp porn.

Wow Cassie - You're a douche

It's not our job to parent your unsupervised kids. It's nobody's job to check who can access a website when we upload something to it. It's not our job to do your censorship for you.

I know it's frustrating to be

I know it's frustrating to be told you're a monster because a kid might see something that someone else uploads to their own website, but i'd love it it if we could disagree without name-calling. Let's be reasonable, and do right by Lauren. She's the focus of the article!

Regarding Tolerance

How are bronies being intolerant of the younger crowd? From what I'm reading, you are expecting bronies, that by being "tolerant", are required to not produce anything mature. That sounds more like you are intolerant of others engaging in producing content (mostly for free, a creative outlet regardless of subject matter). Being tolerant is not letting a disagreement, problem, or circumstance destroy the potential for a good relationship. Regarding responsibility, however... if those certain bronies (who make up a very small minority in the fandom as it is) do try to separate their mature works by adding filters and posting on known NFSW sites or censoring, then they are being responsible adults and that should be celebrated.

Either way, at the core of your argument, you are saying that one side should give up a practice so that the other won't be as inconvenienced. I have a few problems with this: a) As pointed out, kids will stumble on NSWF content anyway. I know I did. b) You fail to incorporate any sense of compromise or peaceful discussion and c) when has something like that ever worked? Please, cite some historic example. Banning alcohol? Drugs? And yes, Porn? All failed, although Iran and China are trying hard.

Oh, and also, porn existed on the Internet of the previous generations of My Little Pony so your argument is invalid.

I'm not trying to be condiscending or rude here, just pointing out in great detail the need to be proactive on these issues, not defensive. Being reactionary doesn't help anypony solve life's problems.

I also do not like the mature content, but these people do have a right to make it.

If I were to be intolerant, I would not accept your argument as valid. But I do; I'm not making you change it, though I've pointed out its flaws and would ask you re-think your stance on the issue. That's all I can do.

I completely agree they have

I completely agree they have every right to create the mature content and keep it designated to an adult audience. Banning brony porn from communities would probably be detrimental to their upkeep, (Can you say /chan/ raids?) but it'd also potentially cause some more blatant segregation (Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing with this content, since we can all agree we don't want kids seeing pony porn!) because adult communities would (And have) broken off from the main group.

I was mostly pointing out my own personal reasons bronies make me uncomfortable, as the article was pretty majorly about how bronies are misunderstood and everything.


That's a well articulated point. We don't live in a perfect world and this situation exemplifies that, it does make me uncomfortable as well and what I have seen didn't look respectful or tasteful. (I do differentiate between saucy images and outright sexualiization, of which I actually do like the former provided it isn't blatant and poorly drawn)

I wasn't attacking your personal reasons, or I hope that wasn't what it appeared to be. It wasn't intentional if so. The title of being "misunderstood" is a fine balance and easy to overuse, but this does seem to be a recent cultural shift and much reporting is done from mainstream outlets to the public that does have a bias. In all honesty, perhaps we (I?) are being too overanalytical. It's not like we're ever going to get an accurate picture of this fandom's state; things might be happy and great on one end, but there are going to be those who are misunderstood or angry. Perhaps this article is a blanket approach to newcomers ot the concept of an MLP:FiM fandom, but what else can they do better?

Anyway, I appreciate you putting yourself on a limb in front of hundreds of anonymous eyes. With every opinion I read, I gain a better understanding of how others think and ways to accurately include them in my reasoning.
Thank you.

I was mostly pointing out my

<blockquote>I was mostly pointing out my own personal reasons bronies make me uncomfortable, as the article was pretty majorly about how bronies are misunderstood and everything.</blockquote>

Replace the word 'bronies' with 'Mexicans' and maybe you can understand why people think you're a bigot.

Some websites are safer then others

Some websites mix the content up, yeah. Others are better about splitting it off. Equestria Daily doesn't post any of the "adult" fan fiction.

Unfortunately just like the rest of the internet, the stuff is getting made and is out there, though.

Tsk Tsk

Obviously you aren't a brony because I know bronies, and they aren't anything like you describe. Your words are exactly the kind of hate-filled, idiotic, and intolerant garbage that bronies everywhere live to change. In time people like you will cease to exist, but until then people of intelligence will see people like you for what they are. Lying intolerant bigots who run around shoving their misguided opinion down everyone's throats.

Your right and wrong.

I hate the fact people make rule 34 of the show but i also know that there is porn of EVERYTHING on the internet. Be it normal to the stuff that should not be even online. , Animal,Cartoon,Furry,Kids,Rape,S&M there is a lot of porn that should not be online but is Bronies making porn of the show is one of them but even if they stoped there would still be a lot of other sick porn online.

O and i'm a brony

"Sites that are accessible to

"Sites that are accessible to young people."

Last time I checked, ALL websites were accessible to young people. It's not like the internet has a bouncer who checks your ID at the door.

Every fandom on the internet has stories and pictures like this. Singling out bronies for it is absurd. I'd advise you to watch where your kids surf instead of pointing fingers.

And anyway, all the major MLP websites that include adult content (and most do not) have warnings in place to alert viewers ahead of time.

Having a site that portrays

Having a site that portrays porn whether in art or fiction is not intolerance of children. Ever since I have been on the internet (since the late 90s), there has been erotica and porn of literally just about every media property you can think of. Most sites responsibly indicate whether their X-files, Star Trek, Disney Princess, or My Little Pony fiction is erotic, and certainly I not one official Hasbro, Funimation, or Disney website dedicated to a children's show that hosts Rule 34 art. For the most part, to find most Rule 34, you need to be looking for it. Google searches may find some things, but that's what filters are for. And you can find porn for the most utterly innocent searches on Google. It is unrealistic to expect your child to never see porn in any form, ever.

I there shouldn't be any

I there shouldn't be any 'adult' material in the fandom, period i mean, these are children show charries, not grown, perverted adult show. I think there's always going to be porn in every fandom, because there are people who see it in a perverted way. I really disagree with peeps who are into clops n crap. The show was made for children and I think these charries are being ruined in these adult things. It gives bronies a bad name when, I'm sure, most bronies keep it PG-13 or less.

But, I guess that's what most popular fandoms have, a good and a bad side. I don't see why some furries turn anthromorphic charries into something completely different, what furries weren't meant to be, or why some bronies turn innocent children show ponies into some perverted clopart. This crap on the internet is hard to hide, especially yiff. Google doesnt even have a 'Safe' filter anymore; with one search of 'furry', something perverted comes up even with the safe filter. Its all about lust in that bad part of most popular fandoms. Why are people feeding one of the seven sins? It causes crimes, addiction, disease, etc.

Not Really

I think it's less them being intolerant of the younger fanbase and more them not taking into account the possibility that children will be on sites intended for teenagers and adults.
'cause honestly, that's literally the only place I've seen fanfiction and all that good stuff.

It's because of the

It's because of the unexpected male following that it's getting the attention that it is. It's one of the biggest examples of a collective group of people breaking an assumed gender barrier at such a rapid pace; there isn't meant to be a sexist angle to the affair.


The interest shouldn't come from the fandom. As possibly one of the first hundred bronies from our sweet little shithole of a home this community was born in... let me just say, the show should be the only reason for such interest.

Sure, we're a curiosity, but we shouldn't be the focus. Things have gone so wrong... I don't even know how to convince even my own fellow bronies of what is right or wrong anymore...

It's suffice to say I've cried a few times... and not out of happiness... about the events of the past year.

We've blown what was a good show entirely out of proportion, made it a lifestyle choice, and now assume we're somehow changing the definition of 'masculinity' , when we have only served to reinforce the original stereotype 100x fold.

It's disgusting.

Also, on the note of FiM porn. It started this fandom, it shaped this fandom, and it will forever continue to be the core of all things Pony on the internet.
You don't like it? Okay, I have absolutely no problem with this. We aren't real Bronies because we like it? Don't ever speak of love & tolerance again, and get the fuck out.

Hypocrisy is one of this fandom's biggest sins, and sadly, we /are/ indeed one of the least tolerant communities on the internet. One only needs to take a good look at ponychan. Enough said.

In any case, we have done good, and there ARE bronies out there who know what being involved with such a title is all about...

Many who attended bronycon, however, aren't those.

There's a difference between someone who absolutely adores the show, and (personally speaking, here) would throw all of their money at the TV just to be able to see it on basic cable for once (I'm not paying $120 for digital, to get one channel)...
And then you have guys who wouldn't be close to the definition of "manly" in the first place without pony existing, dressing up as RD and still thinking they deserve some kind of masculine title.

Pony became a solidified internet culture before 2010 was even closed out as a year. It was never about Love and Tolerance, or liking something girly and standing up for it. It was about a bunch of faggots (myself included) from 4chan enjoying one of the highest quality Cartoons to come around in years. Again, suffice to say the lighter side of the internet blew this out the goddamn water.

The show got it's original widespread attention BECAUSE OF THE QUALITY. Season 1 is the most perfect thing on this earth.
Now everyone just pops their head into the show because "omg oter guize liek et sew ey muh TEW :D".....

If they aren't disgusted by the attitude of most the fandom, that is. Which most are.

Just from the pictures of bronycon I've seen, I'm too ashamed to watch any footage. I facepalmed so fucking hard at the pictures featured in this article.

What. The. Hell. Happened?

Just know there's some 19 year old behind a keyboard, trying to wipe tears away as he considers shunning all things Pony, and burning his favorite Rainbow Dash shirt into ashes on a windy, moonlit night.... wondering if Luna is proud or disappointed of the remnants; a memory once loved carried off by the sad song of her own creation.

I joined the herd on 10/10/10. I never would of if I knew my love for ponies would bring so much heartache over people who supposedly enjoy the same, as I would come to.

I'll leave whoever bothers to reads this alone. This is the end of my little comment...

I just hope... <i>I just hope something I fear more than all of this, doesn't happen to Season 3.... we'll all find out when it airs, I suppose.<i>


That's a long post, so I'm going to respond mainly in point form. Sorry.

You are going to find it hypocracy any fandom, regardless of origin. People are hypocrites and I disagree strongly with almost every point you made.

* Why should we just focus on the show? What's wrong with starting up a community around such an excellent feature and delving more into it? Is something wrong with persuing passion?
* You're right, we shouldn't be the focus, but we aren't out of focus either.
* Right and wrong... you're version? Our version? An absolute version? Regarding one's passions and interests, is there a "right" and "wrong"? If you are going to start on psychology and morality, please explain your stance better for us to understand.
* I've cried many times too, but out of happiness. Sure, I've felt sad over some things that have been done, but the good outweighs the bad in my experiences and I've met some awesome people. Those who work on the show included!
* I've been on ponychan in 2011, though I haven't been back in a while. /chat/ was very open and loving, whereas /pony/ was very much an intellectual board with critical discussions on the show. Hence why /pony/ was less "loving" than others. It was a matter of focus. (I think /pony/ has been renamed to /show/ to clarify)
* Are you saying that only people involved in the show can be apart of the community?
*Are you saying that the definition of manliness is intolerance or hypocracy? I'm unclear as to what we are reinforcing in regards to your statement.
* Porn will be the center of the internet. Anything on the internet will revolve around porn. Pony is incidentally only one of many, many things that have works of porn of it. Shows that may be better or worse than this one will have porn of it. I too, think it's disgusting, but the minoritiy who draw and produce that content are free to do so, we have no right to tell them how to direct their creativity and use their free time.
* I have poured approximately $3000 into the fandom thus far, in less than a year's time span. I both adore the show and would throw more money to get the Hub in Canada. Alas, they are not here.
* Sounds like you are judging the manliness of others based on their appearance. Though I could be wrong. What's your definition of "manly"?
* Love and Tolerate may have been a way to troll the trolls, but it is no less applicable in other contexts.
* Perhaps the internet enjoyed the cartoon too, and with that many people enjoying, great things came of it.
* There will always be various calibres of fans, from hardcore to casual, why insult those who don't appreciate it the same way as yourself?
* Looking at people who have lost themselves in a happy place may make you feel uncomfortable (I know it does to me, and I've been to a couple conventions and have experienced both sides), but it feels great to be there and I'd do it again, even to look a fool.
* I've considered leaving the fandom, but mostly because I thought I couldn't contribute much to others. But I regret nothing and will continue to be apart of it, even if I impact no one.
* Luna is a fictional character, but I'd like to think she'd be proud of the masses who want to share her and her life with the world. I know Faust is happy we are.
* I joined the herd in July 2010, so a year now. Not as long as you, but my love of ponies has brought joy to many. I'm sorry it hasn't worked so well for you. I hope in real life I can bring you some iota of joy, as opposed to being another poster on a message board.
* I have many hopes for this fandom. Yes, less hypocracy is one of them, but as long as we are human and young male adults make up the majority, it's something we're going to have to live and deal with.

Believe me, there are many great examples of what this fandom has done. Charities, events of appreciation for actors and staff that rarely get the light of day and are exploited by corporations (Hasbro not specifically, and they seem to be putting a bit more money and effort into this show), the world' largest semi truck that showcased at bronycon is in debt, imagine how much better off they are after meeting the bronies and having their bills paid? Games are being made, people are discovering their creative talents, new flash animators are arising from the ranks, to say nothing of great musicians and producers. Both Hasbro et all and the fans are getting what they want through reciprocation of content. Hasbro even made a "Derpy" comicon exclusive toy, which goes to show the effect we've had. Of course, it's not all about us. I don't pretend to speak for everypony, but we want to represent the Elements of Harmony in order to help the world as the show helped us. And I don't see any reason to be so negative about that. There are people who do bring the fandom down, but we should help them and not ostracize them.

And as the saying goes, Haters gonna hate. We can't stop people from hating if they choose to do so.

It really tweaks my fucking

It really tweaks my fucking nipples when a brony threatens to disown all things Pony simply because they're disgusted with the fandom surrounding it... WHY would you do that? WHY would you completely turn away from something that you love so much simply because of the way that other people who like it are acting? I'm not trying to be offensive, but that's fucking retarded, and if your love for MLP:FiM depends so much on other people then you shouldn't be here to begin with...

Refrain from personal attacks...

Hi everyone,

I get the feeling that some of you are new here. Welcome! Please take a minute to check out our comments policy (linked to in my signature below) and refrain from personal attacks. Please also watch your language—we don't use words like "retarded" in this space.

Everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion. Please keep that in mind and stay on topic while commenting here. Thanks!

You don't allow people to use

You don't allow people to use a word as mild as "retarded", yet you run a website called Bitch Magazine, and have advertisements for dildos and vibrators on the side of the page. This is quite the double standard.

Respect and tolerate?

It's perfectly reasonable to have a comments policy that discourages personal attacks, no? If they want to create a safe space to 'bitch' about pop culture without being attacked for it, is that not the site owner's prerogative? I'd love to think we could respect that. I don't know how being okay with female sexuality even plays into this at all.

Is there any way we can return to praising Lauren and her amazing show?

A feminist magazine/site

<p>A feminist magazine/site called "Bitch" is playfully reclaiming a word historically used to hurt women. The r-word is a vicious slur; people who actually have disabilities don't consider it "mild." Derpy Hooves <a href=" not approve</a> of your casual hatred toward disabled people. </p><p>

It's your choice to continue to use the word in other contexts, but don't get defensive when you're called out for using it, and respect this space by refraining from using it here.</p>


People who are retarded refer to themselves as retarded. Go watch The Ringer, with retarded actors who call themselves retarded and are really retarded. The movie was even endorsed by the Special Olympics. Turning somebody's condition into a bad word is an insult, too.

That's not really true, most

That's not really true, most disabled people see it as an offensive and demeaning. The reason is, simply, that it is often *used* as a slur, as it explicitly was in the post that Kelsey responded to. As an example, here is an excerpt from Amy Keating Roger's (who wrote "The Last Roundup) response to the 'Derpy' controversy:

"Now, you have to realize that reading that made my heart sink. My son Soren (of Soarin' fame) is severely disabled. We do not use the word "retarded" in our house because it really has become an offensive slur."

Ultimately, whether you agree or not, i think it's reasonable to respect the rules of the comments section you're posting in. And maybe don't use Johnny Knoxville movies as your touchstone for what's acceptable behavior in polite company ;)

go back to /mlp/

Why so much drama and facts manipulation, folk?

Yes, we want to still be able to dress like Rainbow Dash and be considered men, and the fact there are military guys doing so and that only 1.8% of our fandom is homosexual as showed the studies toward the community pretty much reinforce that just because we watch MLP, do cosplay and whatever it is that brings happiness to us does not mean we are less masculine.

Yes, we have dark origins. No, it wasn't porn that started and shaped this fandom. Indeed it was present since really early due to our "origins" ; 4chan is a place where the words " love and tolerance" aren't applicable at all. But it started there. Yeah, it was an anti-troll line that would as well troll the ones trolling people who posted ponies. It was, in the beginning, a joke. But the show is really good to be only a joke. People started taking it serious. It has true moral meanings and teach good lessons to any kind of people. It wasn't definitely only a show to discuss about or post images, it was big enough to be deep explored. 4chan couldn't shape the fandom anymore. And soon came the time when it got separated. Then we have ponychan and so many other places that started to give the show and the fandom the importance we give today. Love and tolerance was now a belief, and not only an anti-troll line. Ponychan IS NOT intolerant, you are saying so because you probably got baned for being stupid, impolite, disrespectful and all the reasons why people from 4chan gets baned there for. If you ever go there, you will find a bunch of nice guys discussing the show and life with its many subjects. You will see people helping each other with their problems, and being happy with their victories. And this, you liking or not, is the new face of the fandom. People believing Love and Tolerance is the way to go. Still, it's only a fandom, not some kind of religion(even if we like to joke around that Lauren is our goddess, Tara Strong our queen, etc). This means that only with the fact that you're a fan of the show, you can already be considered a brony. But as a community, we are growing like this, and not like it was back to times where the majority of bronies were concentrated on 4chan. Even if you wish we was. And it looks like that's how it will keep growing up.

We never said our objective is to change how the world sees masculinity, though. It's one personal wish of Lauren herself. As she watches the way we grow, she notices that we pretty much are accomplishing those things, and she wishes someday we will definitely change it. It's an utopia, i doubt it will happen, but if we keep trying to be our best, open-minded and tolerant, maybe we can get close of it.

Anyway, with your comment, you proved yourself to be impolite and full of prejudice and hate. You serve very much to be the 4chan kind of brony that can no longer represent this community. You hate it, don't you? Even burning your T-shirt and crying. Of course you're not doing it, this is the kind of drama that comes from 4chan and /mlp/ that we are used to, manipulating things for the worst because you can't deal with the facts that we are not on this just for the "lulz" anymore. Pff. You think someone wearing the clothes he wants not harming anyone by doing so is so wrong that it disgusts you, in a way you can't even look even look to the pictures of the wonderful event we had, full of happiness and joy. Seriously, bro, if there's someone that needs some sort of treatment, that one is you. You and all the haters of 4chan. No one is obliging you to keep the label. You can leave any time. Or deal with the fact that times changed, and we changed, for good.

We are Bronies. Friendship is magic. Expect us to Forgive and Forget.

The community is about

The community is about creating and consuming media, donating to charity, and all around having a good time. While we were born out of the (excellent) show, we stayed around because of what the community created. If you don't think the community should be anything more than people watching a TV show, that is OK, you are not forced to participate :)

Clop isn't a problem whatsoever, and often its impact on the community is wildly blown out of proportion. People who consume mature pony-related content are often respectful about it - and don't go around discussing or posting it in places where it isn't welcome. I agree that Bronies who like to segregate cloppers on a global basis are indeed projecting an ignorant stereotype and should be more respectful themselves.

I see you have some problems with cosplayers. I don't see why what a person likes to wear, especially at a convention specifically designated to Bronies, should be used against them. In fact, a lot of the cosplays are rather impressively executed. While I don't do cosplay myself, I don't feel the need to make a person feel bad about something they like doing. Hasn't that been a main focus of the Brony community since the beginning?

Love and Tolerate started as a joke. However; many Bronies took it to heart, and now it is, and always will be, associated with us. I could think of worse mantras to fly under, personally.

If you don't like where the community is going, then you can continue to enjoy the show in peace - or form another community that is shaped however you see fit. But right now, I like where things are headed, and I see the community for what it is: a group full of positive, pleasant, creative people. If that hasn't been your experience, stop hanging around 4chan and go to a meetup or convention :)

I guess bye then.

Yeah, all those jerks enjoying something you enjoy but possibly for different reasons. Who do they think they are expressing their enjoyment of it in different ways? Clearly the only reasonable response is to give up what you enjoy and abandon ponies forever because too many other people like it now. That'll show them.

With these kinds of rants, I can never tell if trolling or just incredibly stupid.

I can't tell from your

I can't tell from your comment whether or not you actually attended BronyCon...but you did mention being uncomfortable with the pictures and videos from the event. As someone who was there (I went with my husband and our 15 year old son), the overwhelming feelings of the weekend included great joy, happiness, love, and a strong sense of community and togetherness. Given the crowds, and the inevitable difficulties inherent in a large event like this, I strongly suspect most other types of conventions of similar size and organization would have been much more stressful and unpleasant. BronyCon was a really wonderful and genuine experience, and it's sad that that didn't translate in the images and videos for you, but trust me--it was. The feeling of being part of a crowd of thousands, spontaneously singing songs from the show together was quite awesome and moving.

Lauren is best human

I wub her so much ^^

Give her ALL the wubs

Give her ALL the wubs

Great article! Glad to see

Great article! Glad to see it on a feminist website! :)

Please just note that "brony" is a gender neutral term. There is "pegasister", but I personally dislike it, as many female fans of the show do!

Lauren is best human!!!!

This is true!


my question is how come there aren't as many girls as guys at pony shows like this one? girls like the show. is because is it because guys watch more tv and are into comics more then girls ?

By all measurements, more

By all measurements, more adult males than adult females watch the show in the first place. The convention attendance is then a function of that.






Audacious as it is for me

To challenge the great Lauren Faust I would like to dispute what she said about girly being equated with stupid.

YA Properties like Twilight or The Hunger Games become huge blockbusters, women go to conventions without fear of being mocked as losers or pathetic single women who can't land a man like men do when they go to a Comic Book convention or such.

Sure stuff like Twilight is made fun of, but compared to the what men face, which is personal attacks, the prospect of having the material being attacked is much more desirable.

I'd posit that that while

I'd posit that that while Hunger Games has a female protagonist and is popular among girls, it isn't "girly" in any traditional sense. No more than, say, Lord of the Flies.

I Just want to say this.

It seems to me the fandom is not hated on because they like a kids show but because they do not just like it be i mean had they just been willing to expect/Done the following it many people would be fine with the fandom.

1.Show some control i mean it's one thing to make art and videos but let me ask you this do you see the Sonic the hedgehog fandom makeing art/videos and posting them all over? NO you don't!
2.cut back on the shipping: You want people to think your not into the ponies sexually but then you make 40% of your fanfics shipping? WTF make up your mind.
3.Understand not everyone likes the show i mean i hear a guy say he did not like the show and you yell at him and tell him to leave but then expect us to expect the fact you like the show?
There is more but here is 3 good reasons why your fandom is on thin ice.

1. I actually do think

1. I actually do think Hedgehog fandom posts them all over but sure I'll agree that some Bronies can be excessive with their enthusiasm gets the better of them. But honestly do you judge the Justin Bieber fandom by that girl who threw the water bottle at him?

Why is it that all Bronies are judged by the worst in our midst but most other fandoms get a pass?

2. Most fanfics aren't sexual. And why is shipping not ok? What's the difference between MLP shipping and Twilight shipping or Harry Potter shipping?

3. I do not condone anything like that and neither does most of the fandom. But most of us do not behave that way and we should not be held responsible for every obnoxious guy that is part of our fandom.

Also this is going to sound really self-serving because I am a Brony myself but Bronies are the most generous fandom I've ever seen. (excluding myself because I don't donate that much)

And they are some of the most creative, witty people I have ever encountered. (again excluding me)

Question for all Feminists reading

Why hasn't My Little Pony FIM gotten attention/praise from Feminists, Feminist blogs, etc.

I see you guys always complaining about lack of female comic book writers or sexism in video games/comic books. So you guys complain (which I have no problem with) but you guys NEVER give credit to something done right, like MLPFIM.

Here's a show made by a woman, currently has a female head writer, portrays all 6 female characters in such a diverse light never seen before in any TV show. (bookish, athletic, girly, shy, comical, manual laborer) and even Rainbow Dash. Even if she's not officially a lesbian, she is such a great role model for younger girls who may not fit the traditional gender norms.

Is it because you feel men have already planted their flag on the show that it's somehow too tainted to be put out there as a progress for women in the media?

So, ok I give Bitch Magazine credit for this piece on Faust but I do look at feminist blogs from time to time and they never gave this show the credit it deserves, in fact the infamous Ms. Magazine absolutley trashed the show saying it was smart shaming and homophobic.

There has been some positive

<p>There has been some <a href=" feminist attention</a> given to the show.</p>That <a href=" Magazine post</a> was complete nonsense and was generally received as such. (Although MLP:FiM does have some race issues that are not mentioned in that post; see those <a href=",_Pinkie_Pie,_and_Spike_meetin... American caricature buffaloes</a> in the first season, and the character of Zecora.) It's definitely not that feminists shy away from this particular show for some reason--I think it's just that children's television in general is a neglected medium when it come to critical analysis. &nbsp;</p>

I've seen plenty of

<p>I've seen plenty of commentary on feminist sites. Jezebel had a nice little<a href=" write up</a> , as well as Feministing. Plenty of feminist bloggers have commented on MLP as well. You just aren't looking around enough, or just miss those days the articles were posted. Ms. Magazine was the only one that trashed it, to my knowledge.</p>

Allies are Magic

As others have said, there has been quite a bit of feminist praise of mlp:fim, in fact, all you had to do was google 'mlp' and 'feminism' to find quite a bit of it. And i don't really think we gain anything from the confrontational tone of your post. If you're a dude, and a fan of the show, you probably know that defying gender stereotypes (what 'guys' are supposed to like) can be hard. I think we have more in common than you realize.


Well, please remember that there are not only male fans of MLP, but female fans too!
So, maybe they aren't teased that much within society, but it is still seen as childish within grown women.

Before Friendship is Magic, I

Before Friendship is Magic, I used to frequent pony boards where we saw the very occasional male pony fan and collector, and the women were the obvious majority in the fandom. With the release of the newest series, and the change in demographics, things certainly have changed in the pony community. I'm so pleased with what Lauren has done for the show, and my interest in ponies has increased by way more than 20% in ten seconds flat.

I'm always debating what we, as female MLP: FiM fans are supposed to call ourselves. I can't tell you how many males have told me I can't be a 'brony' because I am female, and must refer to myself as a 'pegasister.' While I don't dislike the term pegasister, I dislike the attitude of some male fans by the exclusion of female fans. Everyone refers to pony fans of the newer series as bronies, which should also include female fans. It is endlessly frustrating to be shot down by other fans for being a female (who has been a pony fan way before the new series) simply because she isn't part of the culturally interesting male sector of the fandom. I personally would like to be referred to as either a brony or a pegasister, but not excluded from the brony category. It's all silly at the end of the day, but for die-hard fans it does mean something.

I really can't stress enough

I really can't stress enough how saying /b/ronies is stupid. It doesn't make sense, take off the "/b/", and it leaves you with "ronies". And what would that senseless word mean. On the other hand saying that it's a combination of "bro" and "ponies" makes absolute perfect sense. Just wanted to get it out of my head.

Funny, the comments explain

Funny, the comments explain Bronies better then the article does, its like the article is national geographic and the comments are the plains of africa




Which proves the existence of a community

At some level, any aggregation of individuals worthy of the name "community" is going to have some members near what is imagined to be the fringe of acceptability - and that if you poll any three members at random, they will not necessarily agree on who's fringe and who isn't. There is all manner of fractiousness in ponydom: there are FiM-only types who scorn the first through third generations, even though had they not existed we'd certainly never have G4 today; there are those who seek out a sexual component (though the show is careful to avoid providing, um, openings), and those who resent the very idea; there is the inevitable cry of "I'm more of a fan than you because <em>[absurd explanation here]</em>." Humans are wired that way.

Faust's particular genius is that she made these characters come across to us as blank slates, even though they're obviously nothing of the kind: the result, unfortunately, is that we project like IMAX in tennis shoes, jockeying for position in whatever fandom hierarchy exists, and ultimately dismissing the Elements of Harmony as a mere plot device. It is wise, I think, to remember that "fan" is a back-formation from "fanatic." We are all of us imperfect; much as I'd like to be able to characterize myself as 20% cooler, I'd settle at this point for being 20% less argumentative.

My views on Brony.

Oh dear, oh dear...

After reading the comments, it seems to me that most commentators on this page are looking to get offended by something from the brony fandom. Apparently, Brony and Non-Brony alike don't tolerate the opinions of others.

That is actually my main problem with Bronies. You see, I happen to be a male fan of the 3 previous generations of My Little Pony. I actually liked the girly-ness of the generations because I thought it was such a positive contrast to the typically negative things about being masculine. I also like FiM.

But in recent years, it has pained me immensely that a large number of Bronies somehow find it acceptable to promote tolerance and love, yet spout nothing but hateful remarks toward G1-3 My Little Pony, and towards the fans of those previous generations.

It also pains that whenever I try to voice my grievances to Bronies in a manner that is calm and mature, my words are ignored and/or I get nothing but more hate speech in response.

Quite honestly I am in a no-mans-land between loving and hating the fact that I am a Brony.

Thus, my opinion rests.

I think you can thank the

I think you can thank the mainsteam stigma for that. People will be people and that involves being influenced by the mainstream. I want to say I came in during G4 and have been willing to give the older shows a chance. There were many things about them that made me cringe, but that's a problem more widespread than MLP. I've gone back and watched several old childhood cartoons that I had fond memories of and they made me cringe just as much. It's not the girliness, but that the shows are showing their age. These shows, like any other art improve over time. They seem worse now only because what we're currently watching is the result of decades of improvement. It's an unfair comparison.

In the very least, I think the art has held up better than the writing. Enough to make me poke through Google Image to find references because I like their aesthetic enough to try drawing them.

I am sorry KTT, but I'll have

I am sorry KTT, but I'll have to disagree.

See, from my own observations, animated cartoons have been in a steady yet increasing decline ever since the start of 2004. I believe that cartoons have gotten worse over time.

But seriously, that is beside the point.

My point is that it pains me how Bronies can be so hateful to all pre-FiM versions of the franchise. I can assure you that if you looked up pre-FiM videos on YouTube, you would find hateful comments like "this is ----," or "kill it with fire!"

Quite honestly, I can understand why there are Anti-Bronies on the Internet. I will NOT join the Anti-Bronies, however, because they are just as intolerant.

The problem that I have with

The problem that I have with a large portion of the brony fanbase is not that they like MLP:FIM, it;s the fact that they feel the need to so heavily sexualize the characters in a show made for little girls, so much so, that pornographic images made by them slip through the safe search on google and into the space this show makes for children. Them enjoying something feminine is not even close to being the issue here.
As well, there's the MRA portion of the fanbase that's largely problematic, but that's a whole other ball game right there.

My Belated Opinion

Very awesome news article, here! I loved reading every second of it; except for the last sentence.

The idea of dying, is brooding and frightening to some. While it will never go away, death's existence should be forced back as much as reasonably possible, in a person's mind. They SHOULD still consider the fact of our mortality, but refrain from thinking about it as much as possible. The actual event, does the job of reminding that life on Earth isn't endless, more than well enough.

Overall, great read! Very well worth the few minutes of my time.

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