Linda Ronstadt: Defender of Freedom, Women, and Kickass Jams

I am a major fangirl for Linda Ronstadt for many reasons. Great music? Check. Awesome style that I try to copy? Check. Songs available at Karaoke bars? Check. Political activist, feminist, and defender of civil liberties? Check and check.

Freedom and pretty hair for all!

To back me up on that last point, the Christian Science Monitor has this story to share today: “Linda Ronstadt joins group filing suit against Arizona law.” Awww yeah. That’s right, Ronstadt (and others, but I’m a fangirl, remember?) is suing Arizona for their new bullshit immigration law. She is so awesome.

Ronstadt, a Mexican-American native of Tucson who has been politically active for many decades, says she and other Mexican-Americans are, “not going to take this lying down.” Seriously, Arizona, don’t mess with her. Oh, and while you’re at it, stop messing with the civil liberties of millions of Americans too, OK?

Whilst searching for Ronstadt videos to share, I stumbled upon this clip of Linda taking Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers to task for disrespecting women. She refuses to back down, and you can tell that Jay Leno doesn’t know what to do with himself. I dare you not to cheer at the end:

So the next time you’re at the thrift store and you see those Ronstadt LPs in the record bin, pick one up. Linda would do it for you – if she could fit it into her freedom-fighting schedule, that is.

In the meantime, Linda Ronstadt has this message for Arizona lawmakers (cleverness courtesy of a Bitch Facebook fan, song courtesy of Linda Ronstadt and the stylings of 1974):

by Kelsey Wallace
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i'm also a Ronstadt fan...and I'm glad to see she hasn't lost her political edge. Thanks for the post!

Thanks so much

I am especially thankful that you shared that Jay Leno clip in which she criticizes Robin Givens and her role on the Howard Stern show. Not only did she complain as a woman, but as a Mexican American. I think Howard Stern is racist also, and I am glad she didn't let that aspect of his douchiness slip by.

While it would be difficult

While it would be difficult to claim Spanish decent there no question that Linda Ronstadt is of some Mexican decent.

Linda's Grandfather was an immigrant from Europe, "germen" and her Grandmother a Latino from Mexico. There child, Linda's father was "½ Mexican and ½ Germen" Linda's mother is completely of European decent, "German, English, and Dutch". Linda has the Mexican blood from her father. Although Linda is predominately European, 75% and 25% Latino, She prefers to be identified as Mexican.

I can't believe you are

I can't believe you are defending Linda Who???? She was part of the "Sun City" in South Africa and she should be embarrassed for that instead of caring about Howard Stern. She wanted to make a public statement about something she never heard in her life... She's a fat cow that only did cover song's.... She was shocked at the reaction of the audience and this made her look stupid. They started to Boo her!!! She said she never heard the show, then why does she "feel deeply upset" when she admit's she doesn't listen...Come on... I don't even listen to Howard Stern that often, but she looks completely stupid here....

I agree. I wont insult her,

Linda is only 12.5% Mexican

Linda's GREAT grandfather came from Europe and he married a Mexican citizen. Her GRANDMOTHER was 1/2 Mexican NOT HER FATHER. That makes her father 25%, and Linda only about 12.5%. She cannot claim to be Mexican, only that she has Mexican ancestry. Of course she would be influenced by Hispanic culture; she is from Tucson. Read her bio.

My original comment above, is

My original comment above, is incorrect. The correction is as follows.
87½ % European "German, English, and Dutch" from father & mother
12½ % Latino "Mexican" from father

Linda refers to herself as of Mexican/American descent. The question is asking about Spanish descent. The answer to that is no.

Why it is clear Linda is predominately of European descent. The Mexican culture was an influence on her when growing up, thus it is her choice to identify herself as a Mexican/American.
Linda's GREAT Grandfather was an immigrant from Europe in the middle of the 1800s and her GREAT Grandmother was a Mexican citizen. Linda's GRANDFATHER, born in the 1800s as well, was half Mexican, which means that Linda's FATHER was 25% Mexican. That makes Linda about 1/8 or 12.5% Mexican. Linda's MOTHER is completely of European descent

Read more:

Linda Ronstadt

I don't have a problem with feminists but illegal immigrant supporters??????? Linda, either pay for the upkeep of 12 million illegals in this country mooching off of the taxpayers or move back to mexico.

Linda ambushed Robin. Robin

Linda ambushed Robin. Robin survived in a man's world and holds her own.

So she attacked Robin and

So she attacked Robin and then admitted she didn't listen to the show? Fail

Are you KIDDING?

You think Linda Ronstadt has any moral standing? Read the extensive and nauseating article about her musical tour in Sun City during apartheid, which got her a half million dollars and an adamant refusal to say it was a mistake - TO THIS DAY. The article was damning of how she is NO bad-ass and NO defender of freedom whatsoever, but a cynical, self-absorbed celebrity like any other: Here is the citation - "Linda Ronstadt: Snow White in South Africa" by Aaron Latham. Rolling Stone, August 18, 1983

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