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I feel like everywhere I turn someone else is saying something about polyamory. Perhaps the recent upset over Proposition 8 in California provided somewhat of a platform for poly communities to openly speak about the legitimation of alternative family structures—not just beyond that of one man and one woman, but beyond gay and lesbian couples as well. Open relationships have emerged as a hot topic on television shows like Tyra, WEtv’s Secret Lives of Women, and of course, Big Love, and multiple feminist-oriented books have been published in the past year that explore open relationships. So it didn’t surprise me to stumble upon PolyCamp Ontario.

Pretty much as its name implies, PolyCamp Ontario is a weekend-long summer camp for poly families. It was founded in 2007 by science and technology journalist Danaeris to provide “an affordable event to serve the needs of members of the polyamorous communities.” This year’s camp will be held August 14th–16th at the Mansfield Outdoor Centre in Toronto. Polyamory Weekly host Cunning Minx will be the Guest of Honour, and the weekend will be full of workshops and activities that will be both fun and educational. Though the program for 2009 isn’t available just yet, last year’s guests had the chance to learn “10 Rules for Happy Non-Monogamy” and “Jealousy 101” during the daytime workshops and then partake in a clothing-optional (but PG-13) hot tub or watch poly films at night. Fun times for the whole extended and multiplicitous fam!

Oh, and for those of you in the US Pacific Northwest, there’s a similar camp in Washington State.

** Spice! comic by Julie Jacob

by Mandy Van Deven
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Oh wow. That sounds fun. I'm

Oh wow. That sounds fun. I'm in a polyfidelitous triad in Oregon, thanks for the link to the Washington PolyCamp. :)

cute comic

Why don't you add a link to the comic creator's website if you're going to use that image? Thanks.

Um, there is one...

It's at the bottom of the post. I always give credit where credit is due. ;)

Thanks for the plug!


Danaeris here. Thanks so much for the promo - we'd love to have some Bitch magazine readers join us this year.

I hope you don't mind a few quick corrections... First, I hate to take all the credit. Although PolyCamp Ontario was my idea, PolyWolf was instrumental in getting it off the ground, and we certainly could not have held the last two events without the support of Eric Nagler and Diana Buckley, who graciously provided us with a venue at an amazing price, and were incredibly gracious hosts. And of course in 2008 and 2009 we've had a growing group of volunteers and exec members who rock my world.

Our new venue, which is allowing us to grow the event, is about an hour north of Toronto, but well worth the drive. It doesn't have a hot tub, but it has a swimming pool, indoor beds available, and a cozy fireplace in a large indoor lounge. Our price has gone up this year as we make the difficult transition to a commercial site, but at $100 Canadian (~$90 US at current exchange rates), we're still about a third the price of other nearby poly events. As we grow, the economy of scale will drop the price again.

In any event, I'd like to invite you all to join us... It may prove a rare opportunity to see Cunning Minx, as she's moving to Seattle. And if you're on the west coast, I'd like to encourage you to support the original Polycamp, which has been around longer and looks like a fantasticly good time.

If you have any questions, please do contact me, or visit our webpage at

You can also email us for information at

Best wishes,


Thanks for the corrections, Danaeris!


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Polycamp in WA

Thank you for the write up... We are the group based in Seattle, WA. It's always wonderful to see the community growing and supporting eachother.

If you are in our area or would like to visit us this summer, please be sure to see our website:

We have a huge line up for speakers, classes, workshops, and entertainment!!! Sure to be one of the best experiences all around. :)

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