Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

For all of us fans of the The State out here in cyberspace (and I know I’m not the only one who is jonesing to make a “dip my balls in it” joke right now), the show’s cancellation left a hole in our little hearts that not even Reno 911! has been able to fill. But don’t worry, State veteran (and the show’s solo woman star) Kerry Kenney-Silver has a new web-based television show that is all about filling your holes: Dame Delilah’s Fantasy Ranch and Gift Shoppe.

The show is about exactly what the title suggests: A whorehouse in Nevada that is also known for its gift shoppe and delicious catered food. The ranch’s slogan is, “Come for the sex, stay for the popcorn balls.” But the appeal of this show (from what is available online so far) is not the bawdy sex humor. It’s the warm personalities and checkered pasts of its lively cast of characters. Check out a few of these videos to see what I mean. (Warning: You are supposed to be 18 to watch these. Cover your eyes, minors!)

Here is an intro to Dame Delilah herself (Kinney-Silver):

And Lou Denazo, the ranch’s caterer (played by the always funny and crushworthy [in my opinion] Joe Lo Truglio):

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a hankering for some popcorn balls right about now. (Would a “dip my balls in it” joke work here? I guess not.)

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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I didn't even watch the videos

but from what I've seen so far from these blogs, I'm kinda glad I don't have cable yet. :) I might be a little dumber from this 'quality' entertainment...

where's the feminist response to popular culture?

Where's the feminism in this post? I didn't think I was going to be redirected to Perez Hilton when I typed in Bitch Magazine but the two are so steeped in "ha ha funny whores" territory I can't tell the difference.

This isn't funny, it's the same sexism I encounter everywhere and you're supposed to present a feminist response to it, remember? I can't join in with Kelsey's laughing at privileged women doing "whore drag" when real women are brutalized in prostitution and it's no laughing matter. Bitch Magazine is contributing to the culture of prostitution that lessens men's resistance to rape women with this vapid, male-identified perspective ("show that is all about filling your holes"???????).

<b>Prostitution & Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connections. (2007)</b>

"Nevada’s women are raped at rates that are twice that of New York and a fourth higher than the U.S. average. Women are three times as likely to be raped in Las Vegas as compared to New York City. Men in the state tend to normalize sexual violence. College-aged men in Nevada are much more likely than college men in other states to use women in prostitution, to go to strip clubs and massage parlors.

Legal prostitution is only 10% of all prostitution in the state. In Nevada, women are trafficked primarily into the state’s illegal prostitution venues: strip club prostitution, escort prostitution, and massage parlors that function as illegal brothels. There also appear to be instances where women have been trafficked into legal brothels.

Legal prostitution creates a 'culture of prostitution' in the state that is fostered or tolerated by politicians, developers, and the entertainment industry. A sex industry the size of that in Nevada exists because of political and judicial corruption and a willingness to tolerate organized crime including domestically organized motorcycle gangs and internationally organized Armenian, Russian, Israeli, Mexican, Korean, and Chinese criminals. Revenue from prostitution generated by international criminal networks has been connected with weapons trafficking."

wow! never thought I would

wow! never thought I would say this but I really liked this .. I was entertained throught out the whole thing and it didn't bore me! I have had a huge crush on Kerri Kenney since the days of The State and Cake Like. She's still hilarious and looking great.

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