Mikhaela B. Reid is a Must Be Read

I'm not one that is into comics or cartoons.

Growing up, I occassionally breezed through the funnies for Garfield and did a half snarl at "Cathy" who seeemd to be obsessed with self-depracating thoughts about weight, love, and chocolate.  So, it's no surprise that when I reached adulthood, any news or discussion about comics usually conjured up thoughts about a furry cat and a laughless "Cathy."

And then I discovered Mikhaela B. Reid.  I attended a presentation in Boston where she spoke about her journey to becoming an "angry" cartoonist.  At the time, nestled in the vestiges of the Bush administration, Reid showed several political cartoons that took playfully poked at our now formerly President Bush.  The cartoons were precisely like her: clever, witty, and impressively bright.  It was one thing to see a cartoon in front of you or read it on your screen, but it's another level of appreciation and admiration to actually witness the presence of a fierce and humorous woman who developed her passion into artistic politics.

From civil liberties to healthcare, George W to everyday societal behaviors, Reid explores her craft with no boundaries and rich sarcasm to make her point.  Her cartoons have been featured in countless publications and newspapers and culminated into a book, Attack of the 50ft Mikhaela.

As January continues to breathe in a new era of democracy and hope, I take heart in women artists who consistently put their thoughts, creativity, and gut out on the page for the world to see (or read) and delivers a good snicker along the way.

by Lisa Factora-Borchers
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Lisa Factora-Borchers is the formal editorial director at Bitch Media. Her work is widely published and she is the editor of the anthology, Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence.



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