Mimi My My! Eminem can't stop hating.

Thea Lim at Racialicious started an open thread to revisit this spring’s feud between Eminem, Mariah Carey, and her husband Nick Cannon.

The dispute began with a leaked track from Eminem’s upcoming album called “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” in which Eminem dissed on Mariah (calling her a “cunt” and a “whore”) and her husband Nick Cannon. And while one Racialicious commenter described the song as “probably the most bizarre, nonsensical song on the entire CD, and that’s including the one where he sings about his stepdad raping him and the one where Christopher Reeve comes back from the dead to challenge him to a breakdancing match,” Cannon responded on his own blog calling Eminem out not just for insulting his wife, but for being a white man publicly insulting a woman of color, writing “I thought we got passed the days when white men could spew vulgar obscenities at our beautiful queens and get away with it.” (The post was taken down but you can read the full–and at times problematic–post here).

Mariah’s response was the single “Obsessed,” where she dresses in drag as a Mimi-obsessed stalker, lightly referencing Eminem (and Mean Girls). (Tangentially, the video reminded me of the Buffy vs. Edward remix–funny at the onset but then you start to wonder why we don’t question seemingly socially-sanctioned creepy behavior more).

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While Eminem later claimed Nick Cannon misinterpreted the song (“What I actually meant to say is, I wish them the best”) Mariah has a bit more authority when she ended up claiming the video wasn’t a response to Eminem (“I look like my brother and my cousin Chris.”) The fact that both Eminem and Mariah backed away from any open conflict seemed to indicate it was another passing celebrity feud.

But there’s not room for speculation on Eminem’s new single, “The Warning,” a three-and-a-half minute diatribe against the couple–specifically Mariah. Thea’s description of the song as “extremely violent and misogynist” and “frighteningly graphic and seething” are spot-on–more than your average emcee dissing on a rival rapper (as some are dismissing the whole conflict), Eminem graphically describes sex with the pop diva, as well as hinting at alcoholism and mental instability. (You can listen to the song in its entirety and follow along with the lyrics here, but do so only if you’re ready to get offended).

Thea asked,

If this was a feud between, say, two white dudes, would the massive difference in response also go unnoted? Are race and gender playing into how this feud is being reported? Is MC getting no credit for being lighthearted while Eminem threatens physical violence because she’s a woman of colour?

At least one commenter from Hip Hop DX brought up gender in response…

I think it’s funny how eminem is the one rapping and dissing mariah carey (a girl) and ur calling nick a faggot.I bet [Eminem] wouldn’t rap about Jay-Z or someone like that becaused he know his ass would get it!! So he goes for mariah! that’s some pussy shit right there…

Commenters on MTV.com also bring up the fact that Eminem spends to much time dissing on female pop stars (“he has no respect 4 women. when’s da last time he picked a fight wit a man…oh neva.”).

In addition, most of the coverage of the first half of the feud almost seemed to center around just Eminem and Nick Cannon. Was it because Nick was more outspoken on the issue by making blog and Twitter posts in response? Or is Mariah getting phased out as a real contender in the debate, even though she (and her body and her reputation) is at the center of the whole ordeal? What do you think?

Open Thread: Eminem vs. Mariah (Yes, Again) [Racialicious]
Eminem Slams Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon In New Dis Track, ‘The Warning’ [MTV.com]

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What I think

I don't think she should HAVE to stick up for herself. Ideally the idiocy of his remarks would be seen as reason enough for people to realize he's an idiot, and a violent, sexist moron. Of course thats not how the world works unfortunately and he will just continue to spread hate and this horrifying idea of masculinity that perpetuates more and more violence against women and gays. I'm not surprised by Nicks response- his masculinity was threatened and both he and the woman he loves were violated. I am surprised that Mariah didn't say more. This is HER body being sung about in such a disgusting manor by such a disgusting excuse for a human being. I guess it just goes to show how numb we as a society have become to such views of sexuality- until people speak out against that and the message gets across, can we really expect anything more?

You see...

<blockquote>Russian255: He's right she needs to shut the fuck up with her obsessed bull shieat, good shieat eminem keep that bitch in check.

woocool679: eminems fucking legend,
he tore that whore up with this shit :D</blockquote>

It's not usually the originator that scares me, but the populace.

Good article!

Good article!

It must be really hard for

It must be really hard for Eminem to accept his ever growing irrelevance. Ever since the "luster" wore off his career, he has shown every sign of behavior that would be exhibited in a small child who is not getting enough attention.

Eminem wins

Eminem is just trying to get a rise out of everybody, and he has, so he wins. Its no more offensive than his other stuff, he's just upping the scandal effect. It sells, he wins.

I couldn't agree more. He's

I couldn't agree more. He's been controversial from day one, always pushing the envelope, always being the instigator. This is no different. Stop listening to him; the more media exposure he gets (linking to the song and lyrics, really?) the more dollar signs he sees. We all know he's not getting any nicer any time soon. The less we talk about him, the less sales he makes, and the more likely he will be to "retire" with all his "ill-gotten" money.

Plenty of you guys are fucking stupid

Not too long ago, Eminem had a feud with Benzino. (former co owner of the source magazine) Before that, he had issues with JaRule. Eminem doesn't allow fear to reproach his actions. He's not afraid to voice himself nor place himself in the presence of those that set to belittle or oppose him. It's not a issue of Man vs Woman or even white against black, you stupid motherfuckers. It's an issue of humility. Just because he's a rapper, doesn't mean he's heartless. Just because she's a Diva, doesn't mean she's justified. Stupid bitches get it too. Understand that just because your beautiful, doesn't mean you can't be ugly sometimes.


*clears throat*

You could have made your point without saying that we readers are "fucking stupid" and calling us "stupid motherfuckers." Saying those insults only makes you look immature and it discredits what you are trying to say. You can make your point without name-calling and swearing, and it only makes your comments seem more relevant other than a string of insults.

And Eminem can voice himself all he wants, what we're against is how he does it. He doesn't have to do it using slurs or misogynistic language. And in doing so, it discredits what he's trying to say as well and it doesn't garner much respect from people. But I doubt he cares less about people respecting him, and we are free to criticize him for his use of hate language. His language and his actions indicates that there is a lot of hate in his life, and because he's a public figure, we have the right to criticize it and call him out on it.

I do find it ironic that you say that it's an issue of humility, because it's apparent that neither you nor Eminem have a shred of humility. Just sayin'.

If you ask me, these songs

If you ask me, these songs about Mariah Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, are indicative of what kind of a person Eminem is. He takes his personal vendettas against others publicly, and he openly bashes a woman. He could just be a man and keep his ill feelings to himself. Although, I should rephrase: he could be a decent human being and keep those feelings to himself. And some say that it's artistic license, but he doesn't do it. He doesn't make references or allusions, he outright does it, which is not creative. It's wimpy and sheepish.

I've never liked Eminem as a person, and some of his music I do enjoy when he's not talking about how much he hates gays and women. And people make the excuse that it's just a character, but it does disturb me deeply that his supposed character would be so violently misogynistic and homophobic.

The man needs some therapy, pronto. If he was a decent human being and he had a problem with Mariah Carey, he would pick up the phone, but no, he's narcissistic so he has to write a song about it for the whole world to hear.

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