Mini quiches and meerkats in Cambridge

This morning we met up with Amy Hoffman, editor of the Women's Review of Books and author of the soon-to-be-released An Army of Ex-Lovers. We met at Zaftig's, a Jewish deli, where we chatted over oatmeal and borscht about what's happening at the Women's Review and what it's like living in Boston. After that we were off to meet Jaclyn Friedman, program director at the Center for New Words, where we talked WAM! (Women, Action, and the Media conference), which takes place every March. Lisa and I camped out in their office to catch up on work, while staff members answered call after all from people asking questions and requesting extensions.

Soon we were off to our sixth party, hosted by a longtime supporter who'd graciously offered to host a fundraising party for us months ago. We hit a snafu with directions, and ended up on the wrong side of town (it's amazing what a difference there is between Pine St. and Pines St.), but luckily were only a few minutes late. Homemade salsa! And mini quiches! And of course more fantastic company and conversation—about everything from nonprofit fundraising to knitting to dancing to candy.

Back at Ellen's, we were giddy from all the cool folks and great conversation, and maybe a few too many cookies. I looked up from my email to see that Lisa was watching a show I'd been obsessing about for months but still hadn't actually seen—Meerkat Manor. But it was already past midnight and we'd arranged for a cab to pick us up at 7:30 am to get us to the train station. Still, a few seconds of meerkats is better than none.


by Debbie Rasmussen
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