Minneapolis Ladies Mixtape

In honor of Minneapolis band Têtes Noires' latest release, The New American Dream, here is a mixtape of ladies currently dominating the electronic, hip-hop, and garage rock music scenes straight from the Land of 10,000 lakes. While Prince doesn't make a gender-bending appearance, the Têtes feminist-infused '80s hits are mixed in. So rock out to Kitten Forever, chill out to Vandaam and don't forget to get your GRRRL PRTY on and dance like a madwoman in between.


MPLadieS mixtape from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

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Electron Oceans - VANDAAM

W.E.R.K. - Lizzo 

Pretty Boy - Tetes Noires 

Beach Boy - Buffalo Moon 

Famous Friends - Kitten Forever 

Lucky Girl - Tetes Noires 


Chain My Name - Polica 

Chaines - Tetes Noires 

Create Found  - Sarah While 

Rise, Ascend - Sun Gods to Gamma Rays 

Selcric  - Tetes Noires 

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Mixtape curator Lizzy Shramko is a Minneapolis based writer who dances to Mazarati and dreams in queer theory. She is the Outreach Coordinator at Paper Darts Magazine and contributor at l'etoile magazine.

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by Lizzy Shramko
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4 Comments Have Been Posted

love it! but yo, where's the

love it!
but yo, where's the dessa?

Ooo, good addition!

Dessa would a great addition to this mixtape—I happened to put her on the mix I made last week: http://bit.ly/JOiVJU

Dessa is not lacking for

Dessa is not lacking for exposure, while many other women are.

What about Brute Heart?!

This is such a great mix, but my fave Minneapolis lady band was nowhere to be found. I discovered Brute Heart a few weeks ago, and I haven't been able to stop listening to them. They're very witchy and perfect winter music.


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