More Sex Workers Are Killed in the US Than Any Other Country

According to advocacy group the Sex Worker Outreach Project, yesterday more than 21 cities in the United States and 33 cities internationally held events to recognize the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This annual day started in 2003 in Seattle as a memorial for the women murdered by the Green River Killer and is now a recognition of the dangers sex workers face around the world. “Criminalizing sex work has not worked,” wrote Lindsay Roth, the board chair of the Sex Worker Outreach Project-USA, in a statement. “We know that criminalization leads to more violence by stigmatizing sex workers and contributing to unsafe working conditions. If you fear arrest, negotiating your personal safety becomes a secondary concern.” 

The Sex Worker Outreach Project put together this infographics about the issue: 

an infographic showing that sex workers face a greater chance of being killed on the job than taxi drivers or any other profession

If you’re interested in learning more about sex work, listen to our podcast episode “Sex Work is Work,” which includes interviews with Seattle dominatrix and writer Mistress Matisse, journalist Melissa Gira Grant, and activist Emi Koyama. 

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The woman who went last to

The woman who went last to talk about how it's important not only to focus on the middle-class, white pro-sex industry activists, but at the people who go into the trade because they have limited choices (and who are subjected to the most violence) was the best part.


I'm glad you liked the interview. That was Emi Koyama—you can read more of her work right at her personal site:

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