More traveling through the Midwest/West

After the Allied Media Conference is over, I’ll be driving back from Detroit to Portland, stopping for more Bitch fundraising/outreach/discussions along the way. As before, I’m hoping to organize a fundraiser (a house party, dance party, music show, tap dance off, whatever) and a Feminism In/Action discussion in each city. The tricky thing this time is that I’ll only be in each city for one day/night, so I’m hoping to organize the discussion from 5-7, and the fundraiser anytime after 7:30. Though the two events will be separate, everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to attend both.

If you’re able to help organize either a fundraiser or help find a space to hold the Feminism In/Action discussion, please let me know.  

Here are the tentative dates/locations:   

Wednesday, June 25:  Chicago 

Monday, June 30:  Lincoln 

Tuesday, July 1:  Denver 

Wednesday, July 2:  Salt Lake City

Thursday, July 3:  Boise 

Also, did we mention we had a bake sale here at the Bitch office a couple weeks ago?  Check these out: 







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Event in Chicago

I'm in Chi-town. Is this happening here? I'd love to attend.
If not, it is kinda last minute to organize something but I could try and help.


we're trying to organize a Feminism In/Action discussion in Chicago (at a local bookstore or community space), but most likely there won't be a fundraiser, since we just did one last month! I'll post more info as soon as it's confirmed!

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